5.11 Tactical Select Carry Pistol Pouch Review

5.11 Tactical was kind enough to mail out one of their Select Cary Pistol Pouches for me to review and report back to you.  It really doesn’t look like any fanny-pack I have ever seen.  It is  smaller than I expected, yet it fully encloses my XDm without printing or reshaping the pouch.

  The main pouch flap measures 6″x6″ and opens with two zippers. The flap hinges at the bottom.

 One of the neatest features is what 5.11 calls “Hot-pull tabs.”

You can flip out a tab on a corner and zip the zippers up to it.

The tab itself will velcro to the top of the pouch:

When you grab the tab and pull down and across the pouch, the flap opens quickly and easily with only one hand.  The other hand can quickly grab the enclosed gun.

Here is a photo of the backside of the pouch.  The strip of cushioning along the top is very comfortable.  This keeps the enclosed firearm from pressing directly into your hip, etc.

The belt can extend to 67″.  (That’s how tall I am!)  Here is the wide nylon webbing and sturdy buckles:

The side pockets are handy for items such as ID cards or keys:

This pouch is definitely recommended.  When compared to the alternatives, you will see that this pouch is reasonably priced and well thought out. Listen to the May 11th edition of the Personal Armament Podcast for more details.

5.11 Tactical Select Carry Pistol Pouch ($24.99)

These are currently out of stock at 5.11 Tactical, but you can win one by donating to the Personal Armament Podcast during the month of May.  This pouch will be given to a random site supporter.

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