Graco Models Pistol Brass Catcher Review

Posted May 29th, 2010 in Review by Rob

I think that Graco has one of the most innovative brass catcher products on the market.  When it comes to brass catchers, there are several designs that are copied and vary only slightly between manufacturers.  Not so with the Graco Model’s “Catch It.”  I haven’t seen anything remotely like it:

They took an entirely different approach in the placement of the catching apparatus.  The “net” is not really a net, but rather black cloth on a frame the size of a small fish-tank net.  This catch bag is is mounted to a plastic strip that mounts to the back of your hand by means of an elastic palm band that wraps around the right hand(or ejection port side).  The elastic band keeps the plastic strip from moving around on the back of the hand and keeps the catch bag in the same upright position.

The frame of the catch bag can be bent and adjusted to the optimal position in relation to the ejecting brass.  I had mine set up properly after 4 shots.  The catcher stayed in position and didn’t slide around my hand like I originally expected.  Because of the elastic that wraps around the palm and the bulk of the net, I don’t use it for timed draws.  Also, beware of how you move your hand with a full load of brass in the catch bag.  If you aren’t careful, you can easily dump your brass.  Be sure to empty the catch bag after each magazine.  If it gets too heavy, the brass can bounce off the fabric that is pulled taut.

When making adjustments, the tendency will be to move the frame as close to the pistol as possible, but you will notice that it can block out a large portion of your downrange vision.  Try to keep the catch bag back just a little bit, and you will appreciate it when aiming and shooting.


In conclusion, I love this product because it works.  Yes, it looks goofy, but it works.  When it is adjusted properly, it easily catches every piece of brass.  This is my go-to catcher when shooting pistols.

You can purchase it on their website for $19.

Disclosure: This brass catcher was provided free of charge by Graco Models for review.

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