One thought on “Appendix Carry Thoughts

  1. TRY "Smart Carry". I bought one more than a year ago. It is great and I don't even know it
    is there if I put it on properly. I carry an XD40 with a 4" barrel.

    I have learned to lift it about 1 or 2 inches out of the holster when I sit. That puts it just below and
    an inch or two to the right of my belt buckle. This is very comfortable for driving or sitting at my desk.

    When I am driving I can get it out in about 4 seconds or less. When I am walking it may take up to
    six seconds depending upon the situation. AND, it is faster if you wear suspenders.

    I am very happy with it and only wear my DeSantis Patriot shoulder holster when outside in the winter with a heavy coat. Still, I wear my Smart Carry 80% of the time. "feelin good", Pleasant Grove, UT

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