Gun Gear Podcast – Teludyne Tech StraightJacket System


Rob is joined by Mark Hatfield and Alan Adolphson of Teludyne Tech to discuss their StraightJacket system to increase accuracy in rifles and carbines.



They discuss:

  • Why invent the Straightjacket system?
  • Why focus on barrel harmonics?
  • What are barrel harmonics?
  • How to most rifles or modifications handle harmonics?
  • What does the jacket do? Increase rigidity, dissipate heat
  • How does the StraightJacket system work?
  • How does the StraightJacket affect the weight of the gun?
  • What kind of accuracy improvements are people seeing?
  • What does the StraightJacket system cost?
  • Can the straightjacket thickness vary on the same gun?
  • How does the StraightJacket system work with the AR-15 platform?
  • How does the StraightJacket system work with old, worn out rifles?
  • Does the StraightJacket system still allow for improvement through handloading?
  • What is your wait time to have a StraightJacket installed?
  • And much, much more!




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