Mil-Dot Rangefinder App

…for the iPhone(sorry Android)


Standard Edition Features ($1.99)

  1. -Fast target ranging in both yards and meters

  2. -US Army and USMC mil-dot reticles

  3. -Multiple color schemes

  4. -Multiple target anchor points

  5. -Target Info display



Pro Edition Features:($9.99)

– All standard edition features.

  1. -Full featured ballistics calculator

  2. -Fast windspeed/direction adjustment.

  3. -Range card (ballistics chart)

  4. -Point of impact indicator

  5. -Bullet drop compensator

  6. -Realtime windage/elevation hold readings

  7. -Time to target

  8. -Remaining velocity

  9. -Remaining energy

  10. -Multiple Ballistic Profiles

  11. -Fast Unit Of Measure Switching

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Via Accurate Shooter Daily Bulletin

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