Rings Blue Guns (Photos)

John posted some of his experiences with Rings Blue Guns and they weren’t all pleasant.  I figured I would weigh in also.  I have only made one purchase from Rings.  That purchase was a Springfield Armory XDm Blue Gun.  The Blue Gun says XDm .40, but they are basically the same gun when it comes to external shape.  You can look at the close-ups and see the finish on the blue gun.  My biggest annoyance is the grip safety that sticks out of the blue gun.  It cannot be depressed and really messes with your grip.  Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that this is a major oversight.  I eventually ground it off and made some other modifications that I’ll tell you about later.  All these photos are pre-modification.








2 thoughts on “Rings Blue Guns (Photos)

  1. I did the same thing with my XD-9 BlueGun gun… pulled out the Dremel and ground off the grip-safety.

    I'm torn about them having left it. It's good to have it there because that is technically correct for the gun. But then of course, it's annoying when you use the BlueGun because it doesn't depress.

    It makes me think that if you're going to buy a BlueGun product, your second purchase will be a Dremel tool. Good and useful tool to have anyway. :-)

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