Combatives Podcast – Throwing the Switch (Mindset)

Posted November 10th, 2010 in Combatives, Links, podcast by Rob

Dave Spaulding and Rob discuss the necessity of the immediate mindset change in a combative situation.

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  1. eLdogg says:

    I love the show!!! Dave is a great guy. Watching him move in the Ruger Carbine tips videos I am taken aback by his agility and maneuverability considering he isn't a spring chicken. My question/topic would be the role of fitness, flexibility, strength and endurance in preparing for a violent encounter. I took a carbine course this weekend that required shooting from different positions and I learned I am not very good at doing so because I am overweight and not too agile. I have to definitely focus on that because I feel it can greatly enhance my ability to break contact or even engage a hostile threat. On a square range target shooting you don't get challenged the way I did in this course. I also wonder about any advice for people with physical limitations and restrictions and how much they can increase their chances of excelling even with these limitations. This may even be relevant to a person who is in shape but loses mobility during a gunfight due to wounds suffered during said altercation. Its is a topic that interests me so I'd like to hear Dave's opinion on it. (P.S. A shout out to my youtube and Ruger's Tactical Tips would be nice…shameless promotion, I know…lol)

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