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In less than 30 days, my family and I will be moving to central Asia for 4 years to do missions work.  Thanks to the wonders of modern technology,(mostly Skype, Google Voice, and the tube system Al Gore invented) I will be able to continue the podcast from overseas.  The only hitch in this plan is the equipment that I am using.  My current recording setup takes up a decent amount of space.  This is (in the native tongue): “naramro” or “not good”.  We are only taking what we can carry in our airline luggage and for some reason, my wife thinks that clothing and other household items are a higher priority than my podcast equipment!?

Due to space constraints and unreliable electrical power, I’ll be recording with a portable recorder and editing with a small(10”) netbook.  Although I will be making changes to my production equipment and processes, I don’t want to cut corners when it comes to audio quality.  Before we leave, I need to pick up the following items:

A portable recorder that can record 2 separate channels(my mic and skype) for post production – Zoom H4N


Lightweight microphone boom that folds completely for easy packing – Heil PL2T

boom And accessories:

  • Cables
  • Cases
  • Removable media
  • Shock mount
  • Pop filter


This equipment will cost more than $500 all together and that’s where you come in.  No, I’m not holding the podcast ransom for your support.  The podcast will go on.  If nobody donates a thing, I will pick up the tab for this equipment and move on, but this is your show.  It has never been about me.  The subject material comes from you.  The show ideas come from you.  I am just an information facilitator and I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t offer you the opportunity to help.

I can’t offer you much, but if you donate to help with this equipment, I’ll give you credit on the show.  If you own a business or website, I’ll give you a plug.  If you donate in memory of someone, we’ll honor them on the show.  Just let me know when you donate:

Also, everyone that donates will receive a Personal Armament Podcast sticker:


target case

P.S. Please help out by spreading the word and sharing this post.

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  1. Happy New Year Rob and the family! How’s Asia? By the way, how did you do on the equipment fund?

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