Do It Yourself: Custom Filework on your Knife

For my first project, I decided to use a Kabar TDI(Small) Training knife. Nothing I would cry over if just ended up with ugly gouges. 

First, I measured and marked off the sides with a pencil:

Then I carefully marked a small notch on each pencil mark with a file:

Then I made the notches bigger:

I slowly enlarged the notches and smoothed them out until I ended up with this:

Here are the tools of the trade:

Of the six files, I only ended up using three. I started and opened each notch with the triangular shaped file, I rounded it up with the circular file, and I widened and smoothed it up further with the half-circle file.

To say that I was pleased with the results would be an understatement, but it was definitely a learning experience. Marking properly and starting each notch slowly and evenly is very important. It’s no fun trying to shift the notch once you have already started.

This took about an hour, but I’m sure I could cut down the time with fewer mistakes.

Next time, I’ll leave a little more space between the notches and try some more little embellishments.

Thanks for looking!

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