How Can EDC(Everyday Carry) Optimization Help Me?

How Can EDC(Everyday Carry) Optimization Help Me?

Increase productivity –

When you have the right tools to help you with your everyday tasks, you are able to accomplish much more in the same amount of time.  Carrying gear that isn’t tailored to your needs would be like a carpenter arbitrarily choosing tools without regard to his trade.  He doesn’t need that potentiometer or micro wrench set that his computer repairman friend has.  He needs woodworking tools.  Using inappropriate tools will cause him to

Save money –

Spending money on tools you won’t use is never a good idea.  Sure you can gift it to someone later or sell it on your favorite forum, but you still lose money on the deal.  Thinking about and optimizing your EDC gear before you buy can easily save you hundreds of dollars as you put your gear together.

Save Time –

Using the wrong tools will always cost you time.  It will cost you time while you work inefficiently.  It will cost you the time that it takes to learn to use that tool you will later get rid of.  Even a small amount of time taken beforehand to optimize, will save you many hours of wasted time.

Save effort –

Using inefficient or improper tools wastes effort.  You wouldn’t use a dull ax to cut down a tree and you shouldn’t expect EDC gear to be any different.

Make you safer –

Taking the time to think about and optimize your EDC gear forces you to consider situations that you don’t normally think about.  This allows you to see gaps in your security or safety procedures and adjust for them.

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