How to Achieve Your EDC(Everyday Carry) Goals

Now that we have found out what our EDC gear goals are and we have taken the time to list, prioritize, and weight them, it’s time to apply them to the gear itself.  It’s time to go from theory to practice.

Make a list –

List any gear that you think would be helpful in any way.  Even if it is slight.  Forget the goals for now.  Do not exclude gear just because you think it would be unpleasant or impossible to carry.  To get started, look at the first lesson and see if any of the gear listed there would be helpful.   Check out websites like and see what gear other people are using.  Talk with people who know you well or work with you and see if they have any ideas.  Check out forums.

Take a few days for this exercise.  Put the list down and come back to it later.  You will spot things you missed before.  After you feel that you have a fairly complete list, we’ll do some organizing.

Start Organizing –

Grab a blank sheet of paper and make a column for each of your EDC gear goals.  Look at each piece of gear on your list and place it in at least one column.  If it aids in accomplishing several goals, put it in multiple columns.  If it doesn’t seem to fit in any of your columns, create a new column that explains why you added it to the list.  Even if the column is titled “It Looks Cool” or “My Favorite Celeb Uses It”, just be honest and categorize it.  When you create a new column, go back and start at the top of the list to see if any other gear should also go in that column.

Prioritize –

Now it’s time to prioritize the gear within each column.  Reorder the gear in each column so that the first piece of gear in the column is the piece of gear that contributes the most toward achieving that specific goal or priority.  Don’t take into account how it helps with other goals.  Just take it column by column.  When you are finished prioritizing, it’s time to go even further and weight them.  This will be similar to when we weighted your goals with a total of 100 points, except each column can have an unlimited number of points.  Rate each piece of gear on a scale of 1 to 100 according to how much it contributes toward the goal it is listed under. If a given piece of gear would make you feel twice as secure, stylish, etc. as the next piece of gear in the column, it should be awarded twice as many points.  Take your time, be consistent, and tweak the numbers until you think they fit the way you feel about the individual pieces of gear.

Do the math –

Now let’s go back to the weighting that we gave each of the goals.  Multiply the weighting that we gave the goal/column times the rating that you gave the individual piece of gear.  The result should be a strong indicator of how valuable a given piece of gear is to you specifically.   We will call this the “Personal Value Rating”(PVR).

Goal Weighting x Gear Contribution Rating = Personal Value Rating

 If certain pieces of gear showed up in multiple columns, total their PVR from each column to come up with a total PVR for that piece of gear.  Once you figure out the PVR for each piece of gear, make a new list of the gear starting with the highest PVR and ending with the lowest.

Look for Discrepancies –

When you look at the final list in order of PVR, you may spot a few discrepancies.  Maybe your car keys ended up at the bottom of the list, but you know you can’t leave them behind.  This may be because they were listed in the wrong column(s) or rated too low.  Whatever the case, be sure to look for any problems and correct the equation as needed.

Use your PVR ranked list as a starting point to start researching and choosing your specific pieces of EDC gear!

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