How to Determine Your Personal Goals for EDC(Everyday Carry) Gear

We have talked about how everyone’s goals are different and it’s important that we make sure our gear corresponds to our goals, but how do we find our goals?  It’s easier said than done.  Here are three quick tips to get you started:

Look at other people’s gear –

The simplest way to get started is to look at the EDC gear that other people have.  Check out websites like and see how you think their gear would fit into your lifestyle.  When you see pieces you don’t think will fit, think about why.  What priority makes this piece of gear a bad fit for me?  Is it too bulky?  Do I place more priority on comfort than this person.  Is the knife not big enough?  Maybe you place more priority on security.  Is the flashlight too big or complicated?  Whatever the difference may be, you should attempt to articulate your reasoning and start to make a list of your personal EDC gear goals.

Note what you take pride in –

Do you take great pride in your style?  In your preparedness for any task?  In your ability to quickly deploy your knife?  Areas in which you possess great personal pride normally indicate priority areas.  Don’t be ashamed.  Your priorities aren’t just needs.  Sometimes they are wants or even just the result of personal idiosyncrasy.  It’s important that we recognize these goals so that we can address them and achieve an end result that will truly satisfy you.

Note the situations where you are wishing you had helpful gear –

Sometimes this is just a guessing game.  No hard numbers or statistics.  Just a mental estimate.  What are some tasks during which you find yourself wishing for a tool that would make it easier?  When you think of something, jot it down.  Compile these ideas and review them after a given time.

These three ideas should help you make a list of your goals when it comes to EDC(Everyday Carry).

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