Knife Training Class February 4-5, 2012

Posted December 3rd, 2011 in Links by Rob

Tactical Defense Institute in OH is running a 2 day knife training course.


This course presents students with skills they need to effectively utilize a folding or fixed blade knife as a defensive tool to repel a lethal force attack. Contrary to most knife programs, this class is designed to address the realistic situations students are likely to face. The course introduces simple, effective movements that re easy to learn, court defensible and work well under stress. Topics covered include: knife selection, carry locations, legal issues, rapid deployment techniques, responses to life threatening physical assaults, knife techniques for handgun retention, and dealing with multiple attackers. The course utilizes a combination of live cutting drills and force-on-force scenarios using training knives to ensure that students gain a high level of proficiency. Join Greg Ellifritz and John Benner as they teach this expanded two day version of the class recently adopted by the Ohio Peace Officer’s Training Academy as the first defensive knife class to Ohio police officers. If you want to check out TDI: www.tdiohio.com

Cost: $350

We have interviewed John Benner here on the podcast before and I feel confident recommending this course.

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