Open Letter to Magpul Dynamics – Blade Training

Here is something I sent them this week:

I appreciate what you are doing with firearms training.  You have brought high-quality training to the masses with high-quality production values.  You are putting out some great material.

I hope you will consider doing something similar with practical blade training in the future.  If it is produced in the same manner as your previous work, I am certain that it would be well received.  It would have a market similar to your other work, but also a much wider base.  Even if this isn’t an area of expertise, I feel confident that you would do a good job finding competent and well spoken instructors and acting as a liaison to bring their information and skills to the public.

Thanks in advance for any consideration,
Rob Robideau
If you feel the same way, please let them know.  I would love to them produce some knife instructional products.

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