Putting Your EDC(Everyday Carry) Gear to Bed Each Night

When you take the time and effort to put together your perfect EDC kit, you need a nice place to store it each night while you sleep.  There are several considerations:

Protecting your gear –

Make sure that your gear won’t be damaged while off your person.  Don’t put it where you will step on it when you swing you feet out of bed in the morning.  Don’t put your gear where it will roll or slide off an edge and fall to the ground.  Don’t place your gear on a surface that will scratch or otherwise mar the finish.  Over time, small scratches will really build up.

Keeping defensive tools out of the wrong hands –

This can be as simple as making sure your knife is out of reach of small children or as involved as a large safe to store your firearms out of the reach of common thieves.  A happy medium might be a small handgun safe that can also hold blades you want to keep safe.  You can pick up a small plastic box secured with a mechanical lock for as little as $20 or a small electronic handgun safe with quick, bio-metric access for much more.  If you are looking to secure defensive tools in a vehicle, make sure there is a way to secure the safe to the vehicle itself.  Check out GunVault products.

Convenience –

Convenience covers a lot of ground:

Organization – Having a specific place for everything and making sure your gear is in it’s place makes it easier for you to notice misplaced gear and makes it less likely that you will leave something behind when gearing up at the beginning of the day.

Memory – Make sure your gear is stored in an easy-to-remember place.  If you are a forgetful person, the back of your sock drawer probably isn’t the best place to store your EDC gear.

Speed and ease of deployment – Particularly for flashlights and defensive tools, you might want to have them close by and easily accessible during the night.  On a nearby nightstand or in it’s drawer might be a good storage option.  It’s important to keep them in the same place every time, so you can feel for them in the dark.

Style –

Trays, valets, safes, etc. are available in numerous styles, colors, and patterns.  Pick what fits your gear, but also what fits your style.  Make sure your gear has a functional and good looking resting place.



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