Where Should I Start(EDC Gear)?

Work on one piece of gear at a time –

You can research and buy everything all at once, but it will be inefficient and there is a good chance you may have to go back and make some changes.  Working on one piece of gear at a time allows you to focus completely on one piece of gear.  You would be surprise at how intricate and detailed the decision making process can be for something as simple as a flashlight or knife.  Take your time, focus, and you won’t regret it.

Make a master list –

Break out the gear list that you ranked by your PVR(Personal Value Rating) and adjusted for discrepancies.  Look at the first several items on the list.  That is where you should start.  You can pick any of those top few pieces of gear, but follow the guidelines below to see the best results sooner.

Start with the gear you already carry and use –

Do you have gear you already carry that isn’t doing the job?  An unreliable watch?  An under-powered keychain light?  A cell-phone that never has a signal?  Work on improving or replacing these items.  I would start with the piece of gear that you find to be the most lacking or most annoying.  Your gear should help you, not annoy you.  Get that fixed right away!

Take breaks –

This goes along with the first point, but you will find that with each new piece of gear, your habits and use cases may change ever so slightly.  Don’t throw too many changes into the mix all at once.  Take some time to see how you use the new tool and you may find that you no longer need something else on your list.  Constantly re-evaluate.

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