What is EDC?

What is EDC Gear?

A proper definition of EDC gear is critical as we start down the path of EDC gear optimization.

  • What are we referring to when we talk about EDC gear?
  • What are we working with?
  • What are we optimizing?

Here is the definition of EDC Gear that I’ll be using:

EDC Gear – The gear that is kept on your person or close at hand all the time. This normally includes gear in your pockets, backpack, briefcase, or even car or office.

When you see “EDC” or “Everyday Carry” referred to in these lessons, you can insert the above definition.

Note that this definition includes items that are not necessarily “carried.”

EDC is about readiness and preparation for the purpose of improving your quality of life.  It’s not about trying to see how much gear you can carry on your person.

Your pockets or bag will never be able to hold everything necessary to deal with every situation you will ever encounter. The important thing is to make sure that the gear you need is close and ready when you need it.

Leaving your desktop computer at the office is a good idea, because the office is where you will encounter the most use for that piece of gear. Yes, you may think of a task where it would be handy to have the office computer in your car or at home, but you can survive without it and leaving it at the office makes your life immeasurably easier.

Over this course, we will discuss a number of topics related to optimizing your EDC gear to make your life easier and better.


List your current EDC gear. Don’t lie to yourself.
Just list the things that are covered in the definition above.

Don’t lose this list. We’ll refer to it again later.

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