What is the goal of (EDC)Everyday Carry Gear?

What is the goal of EDC gear?

The goal of EDC gear is to increase your quality of life.

Every piece of EDC gear should work toward that end.  Using EDC to increase your quality of life is an ambitious goal, but there are a variety of ways to achieve that goal.  Your EDC gear can increase your quality of life by:

  • Increasing your self-reliance
  • Increasing your security
  • Increasing your comfort
  • Increasing your safety

Everyone has different goals –

People place varying amounts of emphasis on the different aspects that relate to quality of life.  What is important to one person could be trivial to another.

Some people are supremely concerned about safety. Because of this, an investment in a defensive tool would dramatically increase their quality of life.

Others aren’t that concerned about safety, but having something something on hand to listen to or read makes their life much more enjoyable.

Some people gain supreme enjoyment from not having to rely on others. They have their pen ready when the cashier rips the receipt from the register. They have their flashlight ready when the power unexpectedly dies in the restaurant.

Some people would go nuts if they didn’t have a pen and paper to write down an idea that popped into their head.

Some people are constantly worried about how they would cut a seat-belt if they were in a vehicle accident or how they would treat someone with a medical issue. Simple tools could help to aleviate those worries and dramatically increase their quality of life.

Maybe you plead guilty to all of the above. Maybe you are thinking of something totally different that I didn’t mention.  Perfect!  That’s the idea.  Think about YOUR priorities!

You will never be satisfied with EDC gear that caters to someone else’s needs, wants, and goals!

It’s easy to look at someone else’s gear and try to copy it for ourselves, but it’s not the right way to go about it.  You have an intricate combination of personal priorities that are different from anyone else in the world.  It takes some thought to arrange these priorities and properly apply them to your gear.  We’ll cover more on this later in the course.  For now, let’s figure out what your goals are!



You have 100 points to give away. List your goals when it comes to EDC gear and assign points according to how they rank.  More points for more important goals, less points for less important goals…

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