How Much Do People Usually Spend for EDC?

Somebody made it to our website after googling this phrase:

So, how much?

That’s a loaded question.

Let’s look at what decent quality EDC gear costs:

  • Watch $50-1000
  • Knife $50-500
  • Flashlight $20-300
  • Wallet $10-300
  • Firearm $300-$2000
  • Pen $1-100
  • Phone $50-600
  • MP3 Player $40-300

Please bear in mind that these are very rough numbers and these ranges are by no means exact.  Custom gear can be far more expensive than what I listed and deals can be found on quality gear below the prices I listed.  These numbers should give you an idea of what people spend on their EDC gear.  Also remember that not everybody carries all these pieces of gear and different people can choose to spend different amounts on different pieces of gear depending on their priorities.

When you consider how much people usually spend for EDC, you should also factor in the cost of the gear that people may not be currently carrying.  EDC enthusiasts probably have several examples of their favorite pieces of gear.  It may be the same knife in different colors or configurations.  It may be different watches for different occasions.  It could be different holsters that go with different clothing.

Another factor is the cost of gear that led them to their current gear.  It normally takes people some time to find the gear that they are comfortable with.  For some people, the process of gear evolution and upgrading never stops.  What did all the previous gear cost?  Some of that is sold, but if you are a sentimentalist or pack rat, you will never recoup those costs.

So, what do I spend on EDC?  I can’t say.  My wife reads this blog! 😉

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