Tom Krein Regrind Spyderco Delica

I recently received a set of reground Spyderco knives from Tom Krein.  The Delica is a ZDP-189 blade and started out as a full-flat ground blade.  I then had Tom regrind it to an even thinner full-flat grind.  My first question before all of this was what is the difference between a factory FFG and Tom Krein’s aftermarket FFG?  Tom grinds the blades so that the thickness directly behind the sharpened area is about a quarter of the thickness of the factory blade.

According to Tom:

Most of the FFG’s from spyderco are still between .020″-.030″ just behind the sharpened area. I take them down to around .008″ plus or minus .003″. It does make a difference.

Here are a few pics:

2 thoughts on “Tom Krein Regrind Spyderco Delica

  1. AM I seeing straight? Did he flat grind H1?? Spyderco said that steel was un-flat-grindable, it just goes to show how much of a master Tom is. Honestly, I did not realize he made his blades so thin behind the edge like that, they must be absolute lasers in the kitchen. Thanks so much for sharing man – 3 TG regrinds, give me a second while I pick my jaw up off the floor! 😉 Thanks again man.

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