High Color Rendition Lights and Diapers

I just read a light review from Tony over at EverydayCommentary.com where he mentioned the importance of good color rendition in his light:

It is awfully helpful at night, allowing me to distinguish between diapers while changing my son (he needs special, “extra pee” nighttime diapers and they are a different color scheme, both of which use variations of red).

This is the perfect example of how everyone’s use cases and needs in EDC gear are different. You don’t need the latest, coolest gear. You need the gear that fits your needs.

3 thoughts on “High Color Rendition Lights and Diapers

  1. Absolutely! For me, I'm not so sure color rendition matters as much… but maybe in a decade or so if I ever have kids. Selecting gear is all about preferences. No one can really tell you whether you will be satisfied with a given tool unless the viewer and reviewer share very similar preferences. As someone who has written a few reviews I think it's important to give the facts, color in opinion where appropriate, and ultimately allow the reader to reach his or her own conclusions – ie, does the item fit their needs. Just my .02 of course.

  2. Let me second the opinion that it all depends on your application. In an EDC or work light I like a neutral white so I can tell what color wires are when working on my Jeep. For a bedstand or weapon mounted light, I just want enough light to see what went bump in the night and I'm less picky about the color of the beam.

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