How to Select A Knife As A Defensive Tool – With Michael Janich


Michael Janich of Martial Blade Concepts comes on the show to discuss the process of selecting a knife for use as a defensive tool.

3 thoughts on “How to Select A Knife As A Defensive Tool – With Michael Janich

  1. Rob,

    One of the best interviews of Janich I think I’ve ever heard! In fact I listened to it twice, and I never listen to anything twice….. XLNT work! Glad to have you back “on the air” so to speak.

  2. Really enjoyed this! I particularly like how he explains his viewpoint, and the reasoning behind it, without attacking the views and reasons of opposing ideas. The western martial arts that I study do focus more on stabbing attacks than cutting, but our "de-fanging the snake" techniques tend to be focuses on attacking the skeletal structure, rather than the muscular structure. It's interesting to hear a different way of going about things, because hey, you can never have too many techniques!

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