Is “EDC” the new “tactical”?

Drang proposes the question

Personally, I think that “EDC” point-of-view is a slightly more practical way to approach gear selection.  The term is less specific than “tactical” in most people’s minds and I see that as a positive.  When selecting gear, you need to set out with an open mind, searching for the gear that meets your needs.  You shouldn’t be attempting to fit someone else’s gear(the local SWAT team, etc) into your lifestyle.

You can’t control what marketing “gurus” decide to slap on their products, but I hope that they don’t ruin the the idea of EDC: personalized, practical, useful gear

2 thoughts on “Is “EDC” the new “tactical”?

  1. That's pretty much my conclusion. No one's going to stop carrying stuff just because the marketeers have started taking advantage of label that's being used! At most, a different label might be coined, but… why bother?

    OTOH, I know folks who won't get started prepping because they're afraid of being labeled "preppers", even in the face of clear threats like tornado or earthquake. "I installed a whole house backup generator, but I'm not a prepper…"

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