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Love it or hate it, Ebay auction sniping is the most efficient way to get good deals on Ebay. I love Ebay because there are numerous items that are shipped directly from China or other Asian countries. This saves me time and money since I am already here in Asia. :)

The auction format can be addictive and cost people lot’s of money if they don’t know what they are doing. Before you ever place a bid, you should know exactly what the item is worth to you. Be willing to let it go if the price exceeds that ammount. Don’t chase runaway auctions. You will regret it.

When it comes to used items, I examine past auctions to come up with an expected cost and base my bid on that if it seems worth it to me.

Don’t forget to factor in the shipping costs.

Now about the actual sniping. Auction sniping is placing a bid in the final seconds of an auction so that others don’t have time to chase it with bids of their own.

There are advantages and disadvantages to this method. If your bid is lower than the actual(unpublished) bid of the current high-bidder, you can’t adjust and rebid, but you shouldn’t be doing that anyway. If your bid is higher than that of the current high bidder, they don’t have time to rebid(they may have less self control than you).

I can’t say with certainty how much money I have saved with auction sniping(who knows how much other people were going to rebid?), but I am certain that it is substantial. I often end up winning auctions for substantially less than I was willing to pay.

Personally, I use Bidnip. They claim to be the number one sniping service on Ebay and their servers somehow integrate directly with Ebay itself. My favorite thing about this service is that if you don’t win, you don’t pay. Even if it is just your fault for bidding too low.

They also have a free trial program that give you 5 free snipes with no obligation or CC information required.

I have used bidnip for several years and can’t recommend them highly enough. Go check it out:


P.S. If you sign up for the 5 free snipes through this link, I also get 5 free snipes, so get to it!

One thought on “Ebay Auction Snipers

  1. Re: Ebay auction sniping programs.
    I've been sniping for 10 years, win 99.9% of every auction I bid on.
    Just a heads up on the current program I use which is 'GIXEN'.
    It's free, no one needs to pay even a penny for a sniping program.
    They use two different servers so your bid will go through twice, even in the rare event that one server
    should goes down. This is by far the best sniping program I have ever used.

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