Perimeter Security

Whe you have limited personnel to guard a given area, there are some tools that can act as extra eyes or ears for perimeter security.

Some may think that security systems are out of their price range, but there are simple tools that can aid in your personal security without breaking the bank.

The Skylink Long Range Motion Alert Kit lets you place motion detectors up to 800 feet from a base unit. Each of the individual motion detectors can detect motion up to 40 feet away. This system allows you to use up to 16 sensors that can be divded into 4 alert zones.

There are only 4 alert/indicator LEDs. The 4 sensors for each zone should be in relatively close proximity to each other so a zone’s LED indicator can allows you to identify a breach in a specific portion of your perimeter.

The base station and 1 sensor is going for just under $33 at

Each additional sensor costs $21.44

Warning: Be aware that range varies and manufacturers specify “up to X”. This means that you should not count on getting the full 800 feet of range. Give yourself a nice 20-30% buffer zone and you should be safe.

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