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I have been looking at my preparations for an emergency that might last several days and I was examining the food options. Anyone that reads this blog or listens to my podcasts knows my penchant for all things small and lightweight. Cans are note even an option. Freeze-dried foods are relatively light weight, but what if you could live off pills? Wouldn’t that be cool?

According to Survival Food Tabs, you can. 

They have been around for several years now, so I doubt they are ripping people off, but their claims sound more than a little fantastic. According to their website, 12 tabs per day will keep you going in a survival situation for 2 weeks with minimal weight loss.

The crazy thing is that each tab is only 20 Calories. In other words, the entire day’s worth of tabs is 240 Calories. They claim that with most food products, 30%-60% of the food is waste that your body can’t even use for energy, etc. If we go by the higher waste percentage number, we could inflate the 240 Calories and say it is equivalent to 600 Calories of wasteful food. This still seems pretty small to me. Efficient? Yes. Enough? Hmm…

I have heard very positive reviews from people that I trust and based on those reviews, I would be willing to try these out and do some test with weight changes, etc. Cope Reynolds of Southwest Shooting Authority and the Shooting Bench radio show used these exclusively for 2 weeks and had very positive things to say about them.

Here is an interesting review

Here is the cheapest price I have found

Overall, these look like something that would be a good base survival food source if space is at a premium(read: go bag/ Bug out bag). I would recommend supplementing with either more tabs or other food sources.

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