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SanRenMu 763 Review

I tell people time and time again that the “E” in EDC Knife does not need to stand for “expensive.” Sure, you can drop a lot of cash on a nice knife to carry with you every day, but there are also a ton of awesome knives available for under $50, under $25, and even under $15. The SanRenMu 763 is one of those sub $15 knives that performs so well that I have absolutely no problem recommending it as a dedicated EDC blade.

Before we get too far into things I feel like it’s appropriate to say a thing or two about SanRenMu, the manufacturer of this knife. SanRenMu (SRM) is a Chinese company, but they are often hired by big names in the American knife industry to produce high value knives for them. The beauty of buying a SRM branded knife is that you get the level of quality that you would expect from a big name American brand without paying the big brand price. The 763 happens to be an original design by SRM, and I think it’s one of their more interesting offerings.

General Dimensions and Blade Details

The SRM 763 is ideally suited for EDC. It has a 6.14” overall length, a 2.5” blade, and it weighs a mere 2 ounces. For my needs as a student the 763 is large enough to be a primary EDC knife, but it also makes a great backup knife. If I need more versatility I will often pair my 763 with a larger folding knife.

The blade on the 763 is a modified drop point with a swedge and high hollow grind. But really the first thing that jumps out to me about this blade shape is the big sweeping belly. A 2.5” blade isn’t that much, but the 763 makes the most of it. I found the sweeping belly ideal for a number of EDC tasks. In addition to your more standard day to day stuff like opening mail and breaking down boxes, the 763 really stood out in the kitchen. This is a surprisingly capable food prep knife, and it held up well to pretty much everything else I could throw at it.

SanRenMu chose 8Cr13MoV steel for the blade of the 763. This is a Chinese stainless steel made popular in high value knives like the Spyderco Tenacious. Given the sub $15 price point this is outstanding steel. My 763 came exceptionally sharp from the factor, and the edge retention of 8Cr13MoV pretty good – comparable to AUS8. 8Cr13Mov is a softer steel so when the time does come to sharpen the 763 you will find that it is both easy to work with and capable of taking an excellent edge. I think 8Cr13MoV was a great choice here.

Handle, Ergonomics and Pocket Clip

The 763 handle is constructed of black fiberglass reinforced nylon (FRN) over partial stainless steel liners with a long brown backspacer. Rounding things out is a small stainless steel lanyard loop. Handle construction is very solid and everything has been well finished. The partial liners are neatly nested into the FRN, making for a slim and attractive design. Everything on this knife screws together so you could take it completely apart for maintenance. Another interesting feature about the handle is that when the knife is closed, the spine of the blade can be used as a bottle opener.

The SanRenMu 763 is a smaller knife, but it has surprisingly decent ergonomics. I have a larger hand and I can just get a 4 finger grip on the knife – so most people should have no problem getting a good grip on the 763. The small handle feels good in hand, and a generous amount of jimping provides excellent control over the blade. Some of the corners of this handle are slightly sharp, but for small utility tasks I don’t notice it at all. All things considered I am very pleased with the ergonomics of this little knife.

The pocket clip on the 763 has also been nicely done. The clip is sturdy, discrete, and allows for ambidextrous tip up carry. In pocket I have found the 763 to be both light and slim. This is one of those knives that you simply forget you are carrying. I have had no issues with the 763’s pocket clip or the way it carries.

Deployment and Lockup

The 763 makes use of ambidextrous thumb studs for deployment of the knife. There is plenty of room to get your thumb behind the thumb studs and flick this knife open fast. Deployment is very smooth thanks to the smart design, and low-friction metal washers. Once again, I have no complaints here. The 763 performs extremely well – it all just works.

Lockup on the 763 is accomplished via an Axis Lock. This is very similar to the locks found in many popular Benchmade knives. To be perfectly honest, I have no idea how the Axis lock found its way onto this little Chinese knife. Don’t tell anyone, but I am very happy to see it. The Axis lock is one of my all-time favorite locking mechanisms, and it totally works on the little 763. The lock on my 763 is very smooth, and allows for fast and easy one hand operation of the knife. The Axis lock is also fully ambidextrous and also pretty darn strong. I detected no blade play at all with this knife. I’m a huge fan of the lockup on this knife.

SanRenMu 763 – Final Thoughts

The 763 is just a fantastic little knife. It weighs practically nothing, has a great design, and is really well finished. I also like how all the details are done right. The individual components of the knife work together harmoniously, and I really can’t find a fault with the 763. If you are looking for a small and lightweight EDC option then I think the 763 is an outstanding knife – at any budget.

If you are in the United States you can order a 763 directly from Chinese online retailers, but I recommend just going to Ebay. A quick search for the knife revealed that they can currently be had for right around $13 shipped. At that price I recommend getting a few of them. They make great gifts and are extremely handy tools for your every day needs.

About the Author – Dan likes to write about knives on his website when he isn’t out fishing or beating his head against a book in graduate school. He also enjoys photography, barbeque, and diesel trucks. He also contributed to the Practical Guide To EDC Gear.