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Chop Chop!

A few years ago I bought a mid-tech Razel and wrote a report on it. Every since then I have thought that a larger cleaver syle knife would be perfect for a camp knife. There are a few makers that offer these and my prolific bowie maker Matt Lamey is one of them. However this knife is not a Lamey creation. It was made by a maker heretofore unknown to me, one A.C. Richards.

I bought the knife secondhand from a forum member in "as new" condition. It only arrived today and I love it. The balance is decidedly to the front, which is as it ought to be for a cleaving knife. The forged W-2 blade is artfully marked with the maker's name and his JS (journeyman smith) stamp. Measuring 11.5 inches by 2.25 (at the widest point) the blade exhibits a billowing, almost choji style, hamon with a nice wrap around at the tip. The black micarta handle and stainless steel mounts are masterfully shaped and expertly fitted. It came with a very high quality black leather sheath. While it is not your typical Bowie, I think you will agree it is a formidible weapon.