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Gun Gear Podcast – Snub-Nosed Revolvers


Rob Robideau interviews Michael DeBethencourt about Snub – Nosed Revolvers on this episode of Gun Gear Podcast.

How to Select A Knife As A Defensive Tool – With Michael Janich


Michael Janich of Martial Blade Concepts comes on the show to discuss the process of selecting a knife for use as a defensive tool.

SanRenMu 763 Review

I tell people time and time again that the “E” in EDC Knife does not need to stand for “expensive.” Sure, you can drop a lot of cash on a nice knife to carry with you every day, but there are also a ton of awesome knives available for under $50, under $25, and even under $15. The SanRenMu 763 is one of those sub $15 knives that performs so well that I have absolutely no problem recommending it as a dedicated EDC blade.

Before we get too far into things I feel like it’s appropriate to say a thing or two about SanRenMu, the manufacturer of this knife. SanRenMu (SRM) is a Chinese company, but they are often hired by big names in the American knife industry to produce high value knives for them. The beauty of buying a SRM branded knife is that you get the level of quality that you would expect from a big name American brand without paying the big brand price. The 763 happens to be an original design by SRM, and I think it’s one of their more interesting offerings.

General Dimensions and Blade Details

The SRM 763 is ideally suited for EDC. It has a 6.14” overall length, a 2.5” blade, and it weighs a mere 2 ounces. For my needs as a student the 763 is large enough to be a primary EDC knife, but it also makes a great backup knife. If I need more versatility I will often pair my 763 with a larger folding knife.

The blade on the 763 is a modified drop point with a swedge and high hollow grind. But really the first thing that jumps out to me about this blade shape is the big sweeping belly. A 2.5” blade isn’t that much, but the 763 makes the most of it. I found the sweeping belly ideal for a number of EDC tasks. In addition to your more standard day to day stuff like opening mail and breaking down boxes, the 763 really stood out in the kitchen. This is a surprisingly capable food prep knife, and it held up well to pretty much everything else I could throw at it.

SanRenMu chose 8Cr13MoV steel for the blade of the 763. This is a Chinese stainless steel made popular in high value knives like the Spyderco Tenacious. Given the sub $15 price point this is outstanding steel. My 763 came exceptionally sharp from the factor, and the edge retention of 8Cr13MoV pretty good – comparable to AUS8. 8Cr13Mov is a softer steel so when the time does come to sharpen the 763 you will find that it is both easy to work with and capable of taking an excellent edge. I think 8Cr13MoV was a great choice here.

Handle, Ergonomics and Pocket Clip

The 763 handle is constructed of black fiberglass reinforced nylon (FRN) over partial stainless steel liners with a long brown backspacer. Rounding things out is a small stainless steel lanyard loop. Handle construction is very solid and everything has been well finished. The partial liners are neatly nested into the FRN, making for a slim and attractive design. Everything on this knife screws together so you could take it completely apart for maintenance. Another interesting feature about the handle is that when the knife is closed, the spine of the blade can be used as a bottle opener.

The SanRenMu 763 is a smaller knife, but it has surprisingly decent ergonomics. I have a larger hand and I can just get a 4 finger grip on the knife – so most people should have no problem getting a good grip on the 763. The small handle feels good in hand, and a generous amount of jimping provides excellent control over the blade. Some of the corners of this handle are slightly sharp, but for small utility tasks I don’t notice it at all. All things considered I am very pleased with the ergonomics of this little knife.

The pocket clip on the 763 has also been nicely done. The clip is sturdy, discrete, and allows for ambidextrous tip up carry. In pocket I have found the 763 to be both light and slim. This is one of those knives that you simply forget you are carrying. I have had no issues with the 763’s pocket clip or the way it carries.

Deployment and Lockup

The 763 makes use of ambidextrous thumb studs for deployment of the knife. There is plenty of room to get your thumb behind the thumb studs and flick this knife open fast. Deployment is very smooth thanks to the smart design, and low-friction metal washers. Once again, I have no complaints here. The 763 performs extremely well – it all just works.

Lockup on the 763 is accomplished via an Axis Lock. This is very similar to the locks found in many popular Benchmade knives. To be perfectly honest, I have no idea how the Axis lock found its way onto this little Chinese knife. Don’t tell anyone, but I am very happy to see it. The Axis lock is one of my all-time favorite locking mechanisms, and it totally works on the little 763. The lock on my 763 is very smooth, and allows for fast and easy one hand operation of the knife. The Axis lock is also fully ambidextrous and also pretty darn strong. I detected no blade play at all with this knife. I’m a huge fan of the lockup on this knife.

SanRenMu 763 – Final Thoughts

The 763 is just a fantastic little knife. It weighs practically nothing, has a great design, and is really well finished. I also like how all the details are done right. The individual components of the knife work together harmoniously, and I really can’t find a fault with the 763. If you are looking for a small and lightweight EDC option then I think the 763 is an outstanding knife – at any budget.

If you are in the United States you can order a 763 directly from Chinese online retailers, but I recommend just going to Ebay. A quick search for the knife revealed that they can currently be had for right around $13 shipped. At that price I recommend getting a few of them. They make great gifts and are extremely handy tools for your every day needs.

About the Author – Dan likes to write about knives on his website when he isn’t out fishing or beating his head against a book in graduate school. He also enjoys photography, barbeque, and diesel trucks. He also contributed to the Practical Guide To EDC Gear.

Sigg Vintage Stainless Water Bottle Review

The Sigg Vintage water bottle is not the most practical water bottle. It doesn’t fit into most car cup holders, it can be a pain to clean, and it collects dents and scratches like they are going out of style. Thankfully, I don’t have a car and I don’t need to put it in cup holders. Thankfully, I’m not the one that cleans it, and I absolutely love the character that the dings and scratches add.

You might be able to find lighter, cheaper, and better insulated water bottles, but you would be hard pressed to find a cooler water bottle. Not because it has some special feature that keeps the temperature down, but because the design is fantastic. It just feels so right in your hand. I love the firm snap as the latching mechanism tightens down the cap and taps the neck of the bottle. I love the solid crunching scraping sound when you set the full water bottle on concrete. I love the fact that I have never seen anyone else with a water bottle like mine. I love not having to worry about punctures, cracks, or PCBs. I love not having to screw on the cap. I love not having to worry about losing the cap! I truly love using this water bottle!

I have used this water bottle for more than 2 years now and it has held up to my abuse quite admirably. The cap still holds a great seal. The rubber hasn’t dried out or warped and the cap is pulled nice and tight. I have no problem setting it on it’s side in a backpack full of papers. The latching mechanism is still secure enough that I don’t mind letting it bounce around in the seat of my scooter. Even after I use it for tea or juice, it still doesn’t end up flavoring my water. .4 liters may not be enough for some people, but I have found that it keeps me from carrying around too much weight in fluids.

I opted for the model with only a simple logo on one side. There are other options with trendy patterns that I think detract a little from the design itself. At first, I even wanted to get rid of the logo, but over time, it grew on me. You can see that the printing is slightly distressed, but it has held up fairly well for two years of hard use.

This water bottle was a gift and I can’t say whether or not I would have purchased it on my own, but I am most certainly glad that it found it’s way to me. Now that I have gotten to know this water bottle, I hope it never wears out!

How can you not appreciate a tool that makes you smile every time you take it out?



An EDC Trauma Kit – Podcast with Bryan Black of ITS Tactical


In this short interview, we discuss the ITS Tactical trauma kit.  Bryan is also introducing a new, slimmed down version specifically for EDC:

It weighs 5 oz and can easily fit in a back pocket:

The EDC Trauma Kit contains (1) Combat Gauze LE, (1) SWAT-T Tourniquet / Pressure Bandage and (1) Pair of OD Nitrile Gloves. The kit is also vacuum sealed and completely latex-free. Another added benefit of the EDC Trauma Kit is that it’s able to be carried on a plane without any trouble from TSA.

Space Pen Performance Writing Tools For EDC


Steve Nichols of Fischer Space Pens comes on the show to discuss their performance writing tools for Everyday Carry.

Selecting A Handgun for Everyday Carry – with Massad Ayoob


Massad Ayoob comes on the show to discuss selecting a handgun for everyday carry.  We also talk about the gear that goes with it.

Thank You and The Importance of Simple Training


This week I take a few minutes to say thank you to all of you that stuck with me through my long break and talk about where the podcast is headed from here.

I also offer up a few thoughts and observations on the importance of keeping things simple in training.

Podcast: Preparing for Medical Emergencies


Doc and Cruz of Rsktkr consulting come on the show to discuss preparation for medical emergencies.

  • How to get the specific training you want
  • How to use politically correct terms to get gunshot wound treatment training
  • Is a combat medical training course recommended for civilians?
  • Varying your preparation according to lifestyle and environment
  • Making sure your family and friends are prepared to help you

Selecting An EDC Flashlight


David Chow, founder of 4Sevens flashlights comes on the show to discuss the many aspects of an EDC flashlight.

We discuss:

  • The LED revolution
  • Lumen wars – is more really better?
  • Selecting good batteries
  • Advantages of different interfaces
  • and much more!


Gun Gear Podcast – John Benner


John Benner, owner of the Tactical Defense Institute joins Rob to talk about the Kabar TDI LE Knife that he designed.

Gun Gear Podcast – Saul Kirsch – Double Alpha


Saul Kirsch joins Rob all the way from the Netherlands to talk about guns, gear, competition, and more.

Gift Guide for Shooters (22 gifts under $50)


Looking for a gift for the hard-to-please shooter?  You’re sure to find the perfect gift below!

Monkey Knuts – $6.95

For anyone that would enjoy slinging a 3/4” stainless steel ball bearing on their keychain.

ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 01 10.26
Why? Because you can’t go wrong with a name like Knut Buster!
Buy it here!


Stephen Hunter’s “Dead Zero” – $14.82

For the reader that enjoys an author who knows his guns.


Why? Because no one can turn down a good Bob Lee Swagger story!

Warning:  This book releases on December 28th, but any fan will take an IOU

Buy it here!


Nikon SpotOn Ballistics iPhone Application – $4.99

For the techie long range shooter who can’t put away the iPhone

ScreenHunter_02 Dec. 01 10.39
Read more about this app

iTunes store page

Why? Because we need another justification for that iPhone purchase.


Swisstech Utilikey – $8.65

For the gadget geek that’s too stylish to carry a Leatherman on their belt.

Why? Because those Christmas gifts may need opening and assembly before the real tools get opened.

Buy it here!


Quark Mini AA2 – $31.20 + Free Shipping

For the security minded person in need of a high quality EDC flashlight.

Why? Because deep down, everybody’s afraid of the dark.

Buy it here!
Read this review


KaBar TDI Law Enforcement Knife (Small) – $33.59

For the handgunner who wants a knife that draws like a handgun.

Why? Because sometimes guns need to be taken back.

Buy it here!


Battle Bears – $29.99

For the youngest member of the family who wants to be “tactical”.


Why? Because nothing says “Don’t kidnap me!” like a teddy bear in Multicam.
Buy it here!


Boresnake  – $6.26 – $21.95

For the shooter who hates to clean their guns.


Why? Because now they will be without excuse!
For Handguns – $6.53 -$15.26
For Rifles – $6.26 – $16.29
For Shotguns – 13.74 – 21.95


Magpul Dynamics – The Art of the Dynamic Handgun (4 Disc Set) – $49.99

For the Magpul fanboys(or girls)

Why? Because everyone loves to sit on the couch and watch Chris Costa roll in the dirt.

Buy it here!


SOG Tactical Tomahawk – $38.10

For the person fixated on historical weapons.(Think revolver shooters)

Why? Because everyone wants one, but they’re just to embarrassed to add it to the list.

Buy it here!

_____________________________________________________________________________ – Free service or Premium for $7.95/mo or $29.95/yr

For the numbers geek that tracks every round sent downrange.

Why? Because paper is so last year!

Use the promo code: PersonalArmamentPodcast for 90 days of free PREMIUM access

Check it out here!


Brass Flowers – Starting at $28

For the ladies that want to show their shooter cred and still wear stylish jewelry.

Why? Because nothing says Merry Christmas like repurposed brass.

Buy it here!


The Ultimate Cliploader – $23

For the rimfire shooters who buy ammo by the case.

Why? Because bullets don’t jump into magazines on their own.
Buy it here!
Works with: Ruger Mark II, III & Hunter, Ruger 22/45, Colt Woodsmen Mag., Old Military High Standard, Newer High Standard, Browning Buckmark Pistols, Stoeger Luger


Warren Tactical Sevigny Carry Rear Sight ~$45

For the shooter who blacked out the white dots on their rear sights.

Sevigny Competition Sight 1

Why? Because it’ll make you shoot like Dave Sevigny!

More info
Prices vary dependent on the handgun
Pair this with a Dawson Precision fiber optic front sight…


Ranger Up Shirts – $18 to $25

For the shooters who need a special outfit just for the range.

sheepdog 2acarbonrevolvsonsdang1dang2chicksflag

Use the code PERSONALARMAMENT for 15% off any of these shirts!

Why? Because you haven’t been there or done that unless you have the t-shirt!


Dave’s Book – Handgun Combatives – $23.95

For the hadgunner who wants to learn without watching Chris Costa roll around in the dirt.

ScreenHunter_04 Dec. 01 11.31

Why? Because Dave Spaulding is the man!  He does a fantastic job of explaining complicated subjects and infusing a healthy dose of reality.

Buy it here!


California Competition Works 8 Magazine Pouch – $24.95

For the shooter who stores his handgun mags in a cardboard box.

Why? Because everyone should have 8 lint-collecting pockets to stick their mags into!

Buy it here!


Kershaw Ken Onion Blackout with Speed Safe – $45.78

For those that want a fast opening knife that isn’t a switchblade.


Why? Because not everyone wants a fixed blade.
Buy it here!


Radians Custom Molded Earplugs – $11.04

For the shooter who doesn’t want to mess up their hair, but wants comfortable, custom earplugs.

Why? Because you know you want to see someone else stick goo in their ear.

Buy it here!


Lyman Combo Powder Funnel Pan- $6.09

For the reloader who weighs every single charge.

Why? So there is less stuff on the reloading bench.

Buy it here!


Martial Blade Concepts – The Enhanced Version – $29.95

For the knife guy who wants some practical and realistic training.


Why? Because who doesn’t want to learn to make that scary face?

Buy it here!


USPSA or IDPA Membership – $40/year

For the shooter who loves to play.





Why? Because everyone can use some more game!


So what do you think?

Are there glaring holes in the list?

Did I leave anyone out?

Be sure to email this to those that may be purchasing gifts for you this holiday season!

Gun Gear Podcast – Ballistic Fingerprinting Your Scope


Dan Weaver and Rob discuss a target for the precision rifleman that allows you find the details of how your scope works so you can shoot more consistently.

Gun Gear Podcast – Mark Gurney – Ruger’s New Guns


Mark Gurney from Ruger joins Rob to talk about their newest guns(SR9c, SR40, SR556 in 6.8SPC, and more).

Gun Gear Show – Shot Timers


Charles Hardy of Competitive Edge Dynamics comes on the show to discuss shot timers.

We discuss:

  • Company history
  • Using shot timers with dry-fire practice
  • Shot timer features
  • Shot timer uses

Gun Gear Show – Chiappa Rhino Revolver


Ron Norton of Chiappa comes on the show to discuss the Chiappa Rhino revolver.

We discuss:

  • Company history
  • Chiappa Rhino design history
  • Mateba Autorevolver
  • Chiappa Rhino Trigger
  • Chiappa Rhino bore axis
  • Chiappa Rhino hammer actuator
  • Chiappa Rhino holsters
  • Chiappa Rhino pricing, production, delivery
  • Chiappa Rhino future changes

Check out my review from the NRAAM

Gun Gear Show – Masten Machine Interview


Joe Masten from Masten Machine & Plastics joins Rob to discuss the “LoadMaster System”.