Reloading Podcast – Dan’s .223 Project

Posted March 13th, 2012 in podcast, reloading by Michael

Episode 127 is now up with Rob Robideau talking to Dan Scott about his .223 Project and lots of other things related to reloading!

Reloading Safety

Posted March 6th, 2012 in podcast, reloading by Michael

Here’s Rob Robideau with episode 123 of the Personal Armament Podcast Reloading segment, with Dan Scott, discussing about Reloading Safety.

Reloading Podcast – We Are Back

Posted February 28th, 2012 in podcast, reloading by Michael

The Band is now officially back! Rob Robideau, Dan Scott, and James White announce that the Reloading Podcast is back.

Gift Guide for Shooters (22 gifts under $50)

Posted December 1st, 2010 in General, Links, podcast, reloading, Smiths, Uncategorized by Rob

Looking for a gift for the hard-to-please shooter?  You’re sure to find the perfect gift below!

Monkey Knuts – $6.95

For anyone that would enjoy slinging a 3/4” stainless steel ball bearing on their keychain.

ScreenHunter_01 Dec. 01 10.26
Why? Because you can’t go wrong with a name like Knut Buster!
Buy it here!


Stephen Hunter’s “Dead Zero” – $14.82

For the reader that enjoys an author who knows his guns.


Why? Because no one can turn down a good Bob Lee Swagger story!

Warning:  This book releases on December 28th, but any fan will take an IOU

Buy it here!


Nikon SpotOn Ballistics iPhone Application – $4.99

For the techie long range shooter who can’t put away the iPhone

ScreenHunter_02 Dec. 01 10.39
Read more about this app

iTunes store page

Why? Because we need another justification for that iPhone purchase.


Swisstech Utilikey – $8.65

For the gadget geek that’s too stylish to carry a Leatherman on their belt.

Why? Because those Christmas gifts may need opening and assembly before the real tools get opened.

Buy it here!


Quark Mini AA2 – $31.20 + Free Shipping

For the security minded person in need of a high quality EDC flashlight.

Why? Because deep down, everybody’s afraid of the dark.

Buy it here!
Read this review


KaBar TDI Law Enforcement Knife (Small) – $33.59

For the handgunner who wants a knife that draws like a handgun.

Why? Because sometimes guns need to be taken back.

Buy it here!


Battle Bears – $29.99

For the youngest member of the family who wants to be “tactical”.


Why? Because nothing says “Don’t kidnap me!” like a teddy bear in Multicam.
Buy it here!


Boresnake  – $6.26 – $21.95

For the shooter who hates to clean their guns.


Why? Because now they will be without excuse!
For Handguns – $6.53 -$15.26
For Rifles – $6.26 – $16.29
For Shotguns – 13.74 – 21.95


Magpul Dynamics – The Art of the Dynamic Handgun (4 Disc Set) – $49.99

For the Magpul fanboys(or girls)

Why? Because everyone loves to sit on the couch and watch Chris Costa roll in the dirt.

Buy it here!


SOG Tactical Tomahawk – $38.10

For the person fixated on historical weapons.(Think revolver shooters)

Why? Because everyone wants one, but they’re just to embarrassed to add it to the list.

Buy it here!

_____________________________________________________________________________ – Free service or Premium for $7.95/mo or $29.95/yr

For the numbers geek that tracks every round sent downrange.

Why? Because paper is so last year!

Use the promo code: PersonalArmamentPodcast for 90 days of free PREMIUM access

Check it out here!


Brass Flowers – Starting at $28

For the ladies that want to show their shooter cred and still wear stylish jewelry.

Why? Because nothing says Merry Christmas like repurposed brass.

Buy it here!


The Ultimate Cliploader – $23

For the rimfire shooters who buy ammo by the case.

Why? Because bullets don’t jump into magazines on their own.
Buy it here!
Works with: Ruger Mark II, III & Hunter, Ruger 22/45, Colt Woodsmen Mag., Old Military High Standard, Newer High Standard, Browning Buckmark Pistols, Stoeger Luger


Warren Tactical Sevigny Carry Rear Sight ~$45

For the shooter who blacked out the white dots on their rear sights.

Sevigny Competition Sight 1

Why? Because it’ll make you shoot like Dave Sevigny!

More info
Prices vary dependent on the handgun
Pair this with a Dawson Precision fiber optic front sight…


Ranger Up Shirts – $18 to $25

For the shooters who need a special outfit just for the range.

sheepdog 2acarbonrevolvsonsdang1dang2chicksflag

Use the code PERSONALARMAMENT for 15% off any of these shirts!

Why? Because you haven’t been there or done that unless you have the t-shirt!


Dave’s Book – Handgun Combatives – $23.95

For the hadgunner who wants to learn without watching Chris Costa roll around in the dirt.

ScreenHunter_04 Dec. 01 11.31

Why? Because Dave Spaulding is the man!  He does a fantastic job of explaining complicated subjects and infusing a healthy dose of reality.

Buy it here!


California Competition Works 8 Magazine Pouch – $24.95

For the shooter who stores his handgun mags in a cardboard box.

Why? Because everyone should have 8 lint-collecting pockets to stick their mags into!

Buy it here!


Kershaw Ken Onion Blackout with Speed Safe – $45.78

For those that want a fast opening knife that isn’t a switchblade.


Why? Because not everyone wants a fixed blade.
Buy it here!


Radians Custom Molded Earplugs – $11.04

For the shooter who doesn’t want to mess up their hair, but wants comfortable, custom earplugs.

Why? Because you know you want to see someone else stick goo in their ear.

Buy it here!


Lyman Combo Powder Funnel Pan- $6.09

For the reloader who weighs every single charge.

Why? So there is less stuff on the reloading bench.

Buy it here!


Martial Blade Concepts – The Enhanced Version – $29.95

For the knife guy who wants some practical and realistic training.


Why? Because who doesn’t want to learn to make that scary face?

Buy it here!


USPSA or IDPA Membership – $40/year

For the shooter who loves to play.





Why? Because everyone can use some more game!


So what do you think?

Are there glaring holes in the list?

Did I leave anyone out?

Be sure to email this to those that may be purchasing gifts for you this holiday season!

Reloading Podcast – John Whidden

Posted November 17th, 2010 in Links, podcast, reloading by Rob

NRA High Power Long Range shooter John Whidden comes on the show and we talk about creating accurate ammunition for his demanding sport.

We discuss:

  • Preferred Cartridges
  • Loading precision rifle cartridges on a progressive press
  • How to pronounce “meplat”
  • His most important loading practices
  • and much more…

Reloading Podcast – Chris Hodgdon Interview

Posted July 31st, 2010 in Links, podcast, reloading by Rob

James and Dan from join Rob to talk with Chris Hodgdon and answer some listener questions:

  • Bob offers some feedback on his concoction for cleaning brass with common household items.
  • What powder measure would you recommend for throwing small pistol charges like 3 or 4 grains.  I have an RCBS Uniflow but I am just not happy when trying to throw small charges.
  • Getting ready to start reloading for .223 in an AR-15.  I have never reloaded for .223 and will probably only load for an AR.  Would you recommend small base dies or is it really going to make a difference?
  • I was always told that I don’t need to trim my 45 ACP brass.  I’ve heard you and the ammosmith guys mention trimming handgun brass a couple times (I think the reference was 40 S&W).  Should I be trimming the 45 ACP brass or should I just measure and see if it needs it?
  • Have you ever seen the data from It sounds like a great resource, but I’m not sure how valid the data is.  Do you know if the data is tested?  I hesitate to trust any reloading data I see on the “interweb.”  I like the idea that my load data is tested to some safety standards and published in ink.

Don’t forget to listen live each Tuesday night at 10pm Central time at

Reloading Show – How To Clean Brass

Posted July 23rd, 2010 in Links, podcast, reloading by Rob

James and Dan from join Rob to discuss:

  • Rob’s 5K Challenge Issues
  • A listener question about headspace
  • A listener question about hour-glass shaped pistol brass
  • A listener question about barrel leading
  • Brass cleaning methods

Read about an ultrasonic cleaning comparison test

Read about cleaning with Stainless Steel media


Reloading Podcast – Chronographs, Case Bulges, and Headspace

Posted July 8th, 2010 in Links, podcast, reloading by Rob

Rob is joined by Dan and James of and we discuss:

  • Dan’s rifle upgrade project
  • Ammosmith’s latest video
  • Chronograph issues
  • How old chronographs work
  • How close should you stand to the chronograph?
  • Video cameras
  • Headspace
  • Using a Case Guage
  • Fitting a 147 grain bullet in a 9mm case
  • Frangible bullets – tungsten and sintered copper
  • 300 MP powder from alliant
  • Guns in movies

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