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Going Tactical


Dan and James of come on to introduce our new segment “Bullet Points.”

Rob also finds something in the news that brings a new direction to the podcast 😉

Doctors Remove Explosive from Head

Tactical Energy Drink

Tactical Monitoring Headphones:

Magpul Tactical iPhone Case

Image Credit

5.11 Tactical iPhone Pocket


Moving Toward Freedom


Charles Heller of the Arizona Citizens Defense Leaguecomes on the show to discuss what lead to the AZ constitutional carry.

iPhone Shot Timers

New Lyman Casting Equipment

Berger Bullet Issues

Area 6 Championship Pics

Area 6 Championship Results

Defensive Accuracy


Doc of Rsktkr Services(no, it’s not misspelled) comes on the show to discuss defensive accuracy and how to improve it.

Coexist in firearms logos

Incendiary Pellets

Magnetic Accelerator Cannon

Rise in metal prices

Lyman publishes new cast bullet handbook


Getting Past the Hype


Cope Reynolds of The Shooting Bench comes on the show to tell us how to look past the hype of firearms advertising.

10/22 Mag Coupler
AR-15 Gas Block Placement
Tricked out 10/22s
Belt-fed AR

Reloading: Measuring the Case

Max Michel – Steel Nationals Report


Professional competitive shooter Max Michelcomes on the show to discuss the Double-Tap win, the close finish at the Steel Nationals, getting action shooting in the olympics, what it means to shoot a sub-80-second score.

Kentucky Deputy tries to shoot his way out of a jail cell

Gun Jewelry

My broken trigger hammer – Geissele Triggers 

New Berger Bullet   Via


Range Safety and Realistic Self Evaluation


Doc of Rsktkr Services comes on the show and we discuss safety on the range, training videos, and realistic self-evaluation.

Squirrels with Guns

Ruger Mark 3 22/45 Rail Modification– Lots of great photos

FNAR Reviews

Savage Edge

8-Piece Brass Prep Toolkit Via

April Fools Bullets

Sinclair International Catalog


Cowboy Action Extravaganza


Michael Bane of comes on the show to discuss cowboy action shooting.

Make fun of Rob in a cowboy hat!

Wow this guy is fast!

Guam may tip over!

Old Painless Article on .357 Magnum

Why is there a micrometer in my shooting box?

1911 Full Auto Pistol

Recluse Pocket Holster
Facebook Photos

Discreet Carry AR


Micheal from comes on the show to discuss the TAC2 AR-15 Discreet Carry Kit.

XDm 3.8 Review via OneInchGroup

GA Precision Gladius via Grey Group

Rock Island Auction Company April 30-May 2, 2010

.264 LBC-AR via TheFirearmBlog


MGM Ironman


Travis Gibson of MGM Targets comes on the show to talk about the MGM Ironman

Matt Burkett Practical Shooting Podcast on Prep for the Ironman

Covert .223 Backpack
Keltec SU-16CA

Keltec RFB

5.11 Tactical Select Carry Sling Pack

Photos of the decapping setup
Lee Decapper and Base

All Things XD


Rich from Canyon Creek Custom comes on the show to discuss the Springfield XD series and especially the 3.8 Minus modificationhe came up with.

Hydrographic Printing

Image Credit: Stephen on


Barrels, Bullets, and Twist Rates


Frank from Bartlein Barrels tell us about how barrel twist affects different bullets.

Mr. Completely E-Postal Matches


Aftermath of a Home Invasion Shooting

Warning!  Controversial Stuff:  Sheriff Pierceall comes on the show to offer a Law Enforcement perspective on how to handle the aftermath of a home invasion shooting.

PLEASE also watch/listen to this:


Bullet Penetration in a Home Defense Situation


Old_Painless of comes on the show to discuss how to limit over-penetration in any setting.  More good stuff recommended by Don.

Keltec PMR30

Image Credit: Oleg Volk

Little Black Book of Violence

.22LR Uppers

Image Credit: Spikes Tactical

Red-Dot Optics On Combative Handguns


Dave Spaulding comes on the show to discuss the hottest new technology in handguns.

Check out Dave’s book:  Combative Handguns
Kelly McCann Combatives
Photo Credit: Springer Precision Gallery

Trijicon RMR
Burris Fastfire

Caspian Arms

Blade-tech Paddle Holster
Fobus Paddle Holster

What’s Up With Max?


Competitive shooter Max Michel comes on the show to discuss his Florida Open win.  We also get to hear about what happens when you stack soda cans and shoot the bottom can.  Don’t miss it.

USPSA Website
Alan Gura Quote

More Pics on Facebook
Ruger Mark Series Holster

This weeks recommended book:
The Little Black Book of Violence

Why Start Reloading?


Interview with Gary of Dillon Precisionabout why people reload.  We also discuss some safety aspects of reloading and their newest product.

Which bullet is prettiest?
Rob breaks the unbreakable
Digital Calipers $12
New Bullets for 6.8SPC
Holster Art
Reloading Bench Plans

Practicing Away From the Range


Doc Hewett of Rsktkr Services tells us how we can improve proficiency between range sessions.

Pick up the Midway USA Catalog #33
13 yr old wins NV Reg. High Power Champ.
6mmAR uppers
Free NRA membership for active duty soldiers
Free NRA associate membership for all others
Monkey Fist

Call-in Hour is canceled due to technical issues.

February 23, 2010

Interview with Gary from Dillon Precision(Part 1 of 2).  
Mark Walters from Armed American Radio discusses open carry in CA.

February 16, 2010 Show


Interview with Ken Blanchardon the differences between the urban and rural shooter.

Winners of this months books will be announce tomorrow:
In the Gravest Extreme – Massad Ayoob
Meditations on Violence – Rory Miller

SVI Guns
JM Davis Arms and Historical Museum
The Gripstick
AAC Suppressor
Time between neck sizing and bullet seating

Personal Armament Podcast #7


We discuss the best and worse modifications for a defensive handgun with Cope Reynolds and wrap up the podcast with Massad Ayoob, discussing his book, “In the Gravest Extreme”.

This is the last week to enter to win a free book:
In the Gravest Extreme – Massad Ayoob
Meditations on Violence – Rory Miller

These might help you on the other side of airport security
Illinois HB180
Why no one invades Switzerland (Video)
Billet Speedloaders
Smith and Wesson 500 Carbine