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Guests on the show:
Phil Strader – Straighter Solutions
Charles Hardy – Competitive Edge Dynamics
Luke Volkmann – Volkmann Custom
Grant Cunningham – Revolversmith
John Noveske – Noveske Rifleworks
James and Dan –
Joseph Chetwood – Crusader Armory
Tony Kidd – Kid Innovative Design
Charles Heller – Liberty Watch Radio
Michael Bane –
Rich- Canyon Creek Custom
Travis Gibson
Gary Keift
Mark Walters
Dave Spaulding
Don Oliver
Cope Reynolds
Massad Ayoob
Mike Gaddy
Rory Miller
Max Michel
Patrick Flanigan
Derek – The Packing Rat

Northwest Bible Baptist Church – Elgin, IL – Keith Gomez
North Valley Baptist Church – Santa Clara, CA – Jack Treiber
Handgun Podcast – Eric Shelton
Gun Dudes – Carl, Stan, Tom, Travis
Downrange Radio – Micheal Bane
Armed American Radio – Mark Walters
GunTalk – Tom Gresham
The Shooting Bench – Cope Reynolds
ProArms Podcast
Urban Shooter Podcast – Kenn Blanchard
Armed Citizen Podcast – *** McArt
Citizen Armed Podcast – Spencer Bennett
Best of Mike and Mike
Cato Institute Daily Podcast

Accurate Shooter Daily Bulletin
Everyday, No Days Off Gun Blog
The Firearm Blog
Extranos Alley
The Fixit Shop
Gun Holsters Blog
The Way of the Multigun
Gun Watch
Gun Nuts Media
View From the Porch
Walls of the City
Stuff From Hsoi
Bayou Renaissance Man
The War on Guns
Maddened Fowl
Downrange TV
ITS Tactical
Soldier Systems
Random Nuclear Strikes
View from North Central Idaho

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