Free Online Medical Training Videos

Almost everyone knows the value and importance of medical training, but very few take the time to sit through a class and actually get the training. Sometimes it’s because your schedule never lines up with locally offered classes. Sometimes it is because finances preclude you from taking classes(although there are often free classes available).

In today’s internet age, I decided to see what kind of medical training you can find online. Books are great and everyone should have a section of their library dedicated to medical skills, but shouldn’t we be able to find something more visual in our multimedia centered Web 2.0(or is it 3.0?)?

It can actually be quite difficult to find said videos. This is very surprising in an era where you can often find hundreds of detailed educational videos dedicated to such esoteric subjects as underwater basket weaving. Why aren’t there more people making this information avialable?

Liability issues weigh heavily on many educators in the medical training arena, so most teachers want to be able to watch the student and make sure that they are comprehending and properly executing the skills. A teacher doesn’t want you to make a mistake and seriously injure or kill someone, then tell everyone that you learned the technique from Dr. XXXXXX on their YouTube channel.

There is no complete replacement for hands-on training, but online videos can definitely fill in some knowledge gaps and are often better than just reading about lifesaving procedures.

Here are a few sets of videos that I have found on YouTube:

Emergency First Aid  –

Basic First Aid Tips –

Medical Emergencies and First Aid –

Emergency Medical Care  –

First Aid –


What else have you all seen?

Increase Your Online Security With Lastpass

Are you still keeping track of your passwords using the built-in browser tools? If so, you are unnecessarily exposing yourself. Your passwords can be easily accessed by someone with very little know-how(like myself). 

I would like to recommend the password tracking service, Lastpass. I have been using their service for more than three years now and I have no complaints whatsoever.

Lastpass allows you to create numerous high-quality, secure passwords for different websites and access them with a single master password. Lastpass is like a part of my brain now. I can have great, secure passwords and I don’t have remember each of them. Just the master password.

My lastpass “vault” of log-ins and passwords has grown over the years to the thousands and each of them can be autofilled whenever I access a website for which the database holds login information. It can also remember multiple logins for certain sites with which you may have multiple accounts.

All of this is available for free, but there are some perks that come with a paid upgrade. The paid upgrade allows you to use mobile apps that will perform the same functions as the browser plugins. If you browse the web on a smartphone or tablet, this service is a Godsend. The paid upgrade also allows me to share access to a website with someone without actually giving them the password. That person has to have a Lastpass account and the browser plugin, but Lastpass will autofill your login information and they never actually see it. This is great for emergency situations where you don’t want to have to change all your passwords after you share them. It also works great for Virtual Assistants. When the task or emergency is over, you can rescind your shared login permissions.

Lastpass is a simple, secure, convenient tool that make it inexcusable to continue using the same password across the web just so you can remember it in your head. Make a simple upgrade and vastly improve your operational security with Lastpass.

Check it out here!

What do you use for a password manager?

P.S. If you do click on the link and sign up for Lastpass, you and I both will get a free month of premium Lastpass service, so get to it!

Speed Up Your Podcasts and Take in More Information

I haven’t listened to a podcast at regular speed in more than a month now. My iPod Nano has the ability to play podcasts at 2x speed and I have been taking advantage of that fantastic feature. It also automatically adjusts the pitch so that it doesn’t sound like the host has turned into a chipmunk. Because it still has a natural tone, my mind speeds up to go along with the spoken words. Only rarely do I even think about the fact that I am listening to a podcast at double speed. When you get used to it, it sounds very natural.

Why? Why do people want to speed read? So that they can consume more information. Some people listen to podcasts just to fill their time. If you are one of those people feel free to ignore this feature. Go ahead and enjoy your podcasts at the original speed. In fact, you can even slow them down to half speed if you have a lot of time to fill. 😉

Personally, I can only listen to podcasts at certain times and I want to get as much information as possible. Double speed let’s me listen to podcasts that I would otherwise have to skip.

What! You only listen to one or two podcasts? Go find some more. There are lots of great informative shows out there if you have time to listen. Go browse iTunes and you will be amazed at what you can find.

I’ll try to put together a list of some of my current favorite podcasts, but in the meantime, speed your current podcasts up and make room for some more!

What podcasts are you listening to? Does anyone else listen at double speed?

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Freezedrying Your Own Survival Foods

We all know how easy it is to dehydrate your own food for storage, but there are better methods of preparing food for storage. Freeze-drying food will help it to retain more taste and nutritional value for a longer period of time than other preservation methods.

This is all great, but freeze-dried foods can be relatively expensive, especially compared to foods that you can prepare and preserve on your own at home. A 72-hour kit of freeze-dried food from Mountain House is going for $55.60.

The real question is whether or not you can freeze dry your own foods at home to prepare them for long-term storage. I am currently researching this, but unfortunately, I have not found any cost effective options for home freeze-dehydrators. It seems to be a very complicated and stringent process that would be difficult to reproduce at home.

Have any of you done this before? Is this possible? Any advice?

Lots of interesting comments here

Shirt That Actually Lowers Your Temperature

I read about this in Popular Science and thought it was downright innovative. With everyone on facebook posting photos of their car’s thermometers to complain about heat, there ought to be a few people who will purchase this.

According to the Columbia website:

The specifically shaped yarns, when woven or knit together, create Omni-Freeze. The flat yarns increase the surface area of the fabric that contacts your bare skin, which transmits heat faster and feels cooler to the touch.

Ebay Auction Snipers

Love it or hate it, Ebay auction sniping is the most efficient way to get good deals on Ebay. I love Ebay because there are numerous items that are shipped directly from China or other Asian countries. This saves me time and money since I am already here in Asia. :)

The auction format can be addictive and cost people lot’s of money if they don’t know what they are doing. Before you ever place a bid, you should know exactly what the item is worth to you. Be willing to let it go if the price exceeds that ammount. Don’t chase runaway auctions. You will regret it.

When it comes to used items, I examine past auctions to come up with an expected cost and base my bid on that if it seems worth it to me.

Don’t forget to factor in the shipping costs.

Now about the actual sniping. Auction sniping is placing a bid in the final seconds of an auction so that others don’t have time to chase it with bids of their own.

There are advantages and disadvantages to this method. If your bid is lower than the actual(unpublished) bid of the current high-bidder, you can’t adjust and rebid, but you shouldn’t be doing that anyway. If your bid is higher than that of the current high bidder, they don’t have time to rebid(they may have less self control than you).

I can’t say with certainty how much money I have saved with auction sniping(who knows how much other people were going to rebid?), but I am certain that it is substantial. I often end up winning auctions for substantially less than I was willing to pay.

Personally, I use Bidnip. They claim to be the number one sniping service on Ebay and their servers somehow integrate directly with Ebay itself. My favorite thing about this service is that if you don’t win, you don’t pay. Even if it is just your fault for bidding too low.

They also have a free trial program that give you 5 free snipes with no obligation or CC information required.

I have used bidnip for several years and can’t recommend them highly enough. Go check it out:


P.S. If you sign up for the 5 free snipes through this link, I also get 5 free snipes, so get to it!

Washing Clothes on the Road

When I travel or go camping, I obsess over how light I can make my pack. It seems that I always end up carrying a ton of clothes. I just can’t get around it. I get dirty, sweaty, muddy and I need at least a few changes of clothes for the trip.

Enter the Scrubba Wash Bag!

This thing is a miniscule, light weight waterproof bag with a “washboard” texture on the inside to help you wash your clothes on the go.

This sounds like just the ticket for limiting the ammount of clothing I have to bring on a long trip, but it retails for a steep $40-$105 depending on the size!

Worth it? It depends on how obsessive you are…

Survival Tabs

I have been looking at my preparations for an emergency that might last several days and I was examining the food options. Anyone that reads this blog or listens to my podcasts knows my penchant for all things small and lightweight. Cans are note even an option. Freeze-dried foods are relatively light weight, but what if you could live off pills? Wouldn’t that be cool?

According to Survival Food Tabs, you can. 

They have been around for several years now, so I doubt they are ripping people off, but their claims sound more than a little fantastic. According to their website, 12 tabs per day will keep you going in a survival situation for 2 weeks with minimal weight loss.

The crazy thing is that each tab is only 20 Calories. In other words, the entire day’s worth of tabs is 240 Calories. They claim that with most food products, 30%-60% of the food is waste that your body can’t even use for energy, etc. If we go by the higher waste percentage number, we could inflate the 240 Calories and say it is equivalent to 600 Calories of wasteful food. This still seems pretty small to me. Efficient? Yes. Enough? Hmm…

I have heard very positive reviews from people that I trust and based on those reviews, I would be willing to try these out and do some test with weight changes, etc. Cope Reynolds of Southwest Shooting Authority and the Shooting Bench radio show used these exclusively for 2 weeks and had very positive things to say about them.

Here is an interesting review

Here is the cheapest price I have found

Overall, these look like something that would be a good base survival food source if space is at a premium(read: go bag/ Bug out bag). I would recommend supplementing with either more tabs or other food sources.

Individually Packaged Medical Kit Consumables

I’m working on putting together a good, customized First Aid kits for emergencies and the little boo-boos. I don’t want to be lugging around a suitcase, so I am trying to keep it as small and light as possible. I plan to stash kits in several places and bags and I don’t want them to become too cumbersome or get in the way. One of the easiest ways to cut down the size of your kit is to get rid of bottles, tubes, and containers that are larger than you need. Three small individual packages of aspirin are much smaller than even the smallest plastic cannister.

These individual packages are convenient, but they will cost you. Most of the time, you can only get individual packages on the brand names that already cost twice as much as the generic store brands. Then you add the convenience surcharge for the packaging. Then they sell them in containers that will contain far more than you actually need.

(TIP: Split the cost of a box with someone else to cut down on waste)

I decided to see if I could individually package these things myself. Somebody has to have done this before. Somebody has to have written about it on the internet. It turns out that I was right! (I love it when that happens)

I found a cool little article about someone packaging up Triple Antibiotic Ointment in a plastic straw and sealing it with a lighter:

What about vacuuming sealing or anything for the dry goods? Any ideas?

Long Time No Post

And I’m very sorry! I will definitely remedy this problem. I have been doing lots of research lately and I realized that it would be a shame not to be sharing the things I am learning. In the meanwhile, go check out my 4Sevens Preon Review posted over at

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