Practical Guide to Everyday Carry Book

Learn Practical Gear Secrets from the Experts

Make sure your gear serves your lifestyle!

This book is a compilation of 11 interviews(>140 pages)full of practical gear selection advice from experts like Dave Spaulding, Michael Janich, and  Massad Ayoob that will help you end up with the right gear the first time.  The workbook will take you step-by-step through a series of decisions to help you choose the right everyday carry gear based on your personal priorities and goals.

Save time, frustration, effort, and money when selecting gear!

Increase your productivity, safety, and overall quality of life by optimizing your EDC gear!


  • Selecting A Handgun for EDC – Massad Ayoob – Massad Ayoob Group
  • Selecting and Using a Knife as a Defensive Tool - Michael Janich – Martial Blade Concepts
  • Thoughts on Knives as Defensive Tools – Dave Spaulding – Handgun Combatives
  • Knife Features and Recommendations - Dan –
  • Defensive Light Use and Selection – Dave Spaulding
  • Flashlight Technology and it’s Progression - David Chow – 4Sevens
  • Flashlight Features and Recommendations – Marshall Hoots – GoingGear
  • Preparing for Medical Emergencies - Doc and Cruz – Rsktkr Consulting
  • Medical Emergency Gear – Bryan Black – ITS Tactical
  • Timepiece Features and Recommendations – Thomas Carey –
  • A Performance Writing Tool – Steve Nichols – Fischer Space Pens


“This book is useless!” – local mall ninja

“Rule number 118: Read this book!” – Leroy Jethro Gibbs

“Indispensable!” – Jason Bourne

“Highly recommended!” – MacGyver

“This book helped me find the perfect gear to complement my roundhouse kick!” – Chuck Norris

50% of all profit is donated to charity!

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee!


The book of interviews can be found on here

The workbook can be found on here

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