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Putting a silencer on an AK type rifle

We get this question every now and again. Yes, you can put a silencer on an AK . . . however, there are a couple of things you should know.

Part of the magic of the AK type rifles is the reliability. This legendary reliability of the AK is born from loose tolerances. Loose tolerances are not good for silencer hosts.

Most AK type rifles have M14x1LH threads for the flash hider. However, many times there is not a straight line on an AK and these flash hider threads may not be concentric to the bore. With a Flash Hider, this is not going to be as big an issue. Add a silencer to off center threads and you can get end cap or baffle strikes. For this reason we do not make a muzzle device for mounting silencers threaded M14x1LH.

We recommend if you want to add our Flash Hiders and/or Silencers, that you have your barrel threaded concentric to the bore in 1/2″x28tpi. We make a special 1/2×28 threaded Flash Hider with the bore through the flash hider EDMed out to accept a 7.62mm projectile. The 51T version is part number 100908 and the 18T version is part number 100909. These Flash Hiders also work well with 6.8Spc rifles threaded 1/2×28 or some lightweight FAL type rifles are also threaded 1/2×28.

The next thing about AK type rifles is they have an open gas system. They bleed gas straight off the barrel and allow supersonic gas to escape into the atmosphere. This supersonic gas causes additional noise. This means that a suppressed AK will not be as quiet as say a DI AR15 type rifle.

The last thing to know is that while suppressed AK type rifles is that while full sized rifles sound “OK”, Krink style AK type rifles are just LOUD, even with a silencer. Much like a 7.5” AR15 is never quiet.