Chiappa Firearms Rhino .357 Magnum

Posted May 27th, 2010 in Review by Rob

While at the NRAAM, I talked with Charles Brown(not from the peanuts strip), the President of Chiappa Firearms(and Charter Arms and Hi-point).  He started out by correcting my pronunciation.  He said that Chiappa is pronounced key-AHH-puh.  At that time, Chiappa Firearms was still waiting on the ATF approval to import the first batch of rhino revolvers from Italy.  The first batch will only be something like 200 guns, but they will be bringing more in later. 

About the gun itself:

The most distinctive feature of the Rhino is that it fires from the bottom cylinder. This means the Glock fans are going to have to stop bragging about having the best bore axis.  I was wondering how the trigger would feel because of the unusual action, but it was just as even and crisp as you would expect from a revolver, even with double action.  I was really surprised by how light the gun feels.  Maybe it’s because the Rhino looks like it outweighs a tank and I expected it to be heavy, but it did not feel overweight or awkward.  It handled well. 

It has an unusual hammer, that you really have to see.  It doesn’t pull back, but rather rotates back until the hammer is cocked.  Once it is cocked, it returns to the up/forward position.  Kind of weird.  To decock the gun, you just hold back the hammer and pull the trigger.

All the Rhino revolvers had nice adjustable rear sights:

I asked about holster availability because it is such an unusual design, and he said that each gun will come with a leather pancake holster specifically for the gun.  He had one of the holsters there and it felt well made.

I’m looking forward to shooting one of these revolvers once they make it to market.

MSRP is supposed to be about $800
All models are chambered in .357 magnum

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  2. John in KS says:


    Any mention about left-hand holster availability?

  3. Marcus says:

    That's one sweet looking 357. Can you get the 4 incher with adjustable sights from an FFL, not do it yourself?

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