Podcast — Shooting at Bulletproof Glass and Cars

Posted June 15th, 2010 in General, podcast by Rob

Old_Painless of theboxotruth.com comes on the show to discuss his experience ballistic glass or bullet-resistant glass with a number of different rifle and handgun calibers.  We also discuss bullet deflection when shooting through angled glass like a windshield.

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Interview Notes:

Rob starts out by discussing the youtube video of the Non-Standard Tactical Truck in which 7.63×39 rounds are fired at the truck with people inside.(1:09)

Polycarbonate Bulletproof Glass:

Old_Painless had some Polycast mailed to him.  It was a cast acrylic sheet about 1 1/4″ thick.  It was pretty heavy stuff and he shot at it with a variety of different ammunition.  It stopped .22lr, 9mm, 45ACP, etc.(Pistol rounds)

“Rifles are rifles and pistols are pistols.”

When he moved to the rifle ammunition, it started damaging the glass much more than the pistol ammunition.

Rob offers up an example of the difference in power between rifles and pistols.

The 12 gauge slug and .45-70 were able to break through the polycarbonate bulletproof glass.  He mentioned that some have suggested that the test results were skewed because of the rounds fired at the glass prior to the 12 gauge slug and the .45-70, but he found it hard to deny how easily those 2 projectiles went right through the glass.

Laminated Bulletproof Glass

More recently, someone sent him some laminated bulletproof glass.  The laminated bulletproof glass is a different type of material all together.  This glass was also about 1 1/4″ thick, but it was composed of 3 different sheets that were laminated together with a soft, rubbery adhesive.  When fired upon, the first piece will shatter, the the adhesive will help absorb the impact.

If you continue shooting the same spot multiple times, you will end up “chewing” through it.  When the outer layers shatter, the adhesive keeps most of the pieces attached as an extra barrier.

He was also given some laminated bulletproof glass rated for rifles.  This glass was about 2″ thick and was much heavier.  The 20″x20″ sheet weighed about 70 lbs.  This material is commonly used in armored vehicles.  He shot it with various rifle rounds including 12 gauge slugs and armor piercing rounds  and it stopped all of them for the first few rounds.  Like the lesser rated laminated bulletproof glass, multiple rounds fired in the same spot could still “chew” through the glass.

In conclusion, this stuff works.  Most armored vehicles would not allow multiple shots on the same spot.  Hopefully the vehicle would be on the way out of the area as soon as they realized they were coming under fire.

We also move into discussing the ballistics of shooting at a normal vehicle window.  He mentions the Buick-of-truth writeup by JohnWayne777.  When shooting through a front windshield, the angle causes pistol bullets to be deflected several inches.

If you are shooting out of a car’s front windshield, your projectile will hit higher than the point of aim.
If you are shooting into a car’s front windshield, your projectile will hit lower than the point of aim.

In the tests, the bullets were hitting 4-6 inches high/low with a .40 S&W or 9mm Luger.

Rob and Old_Painless recommend that everyone go and test with their own Buick-of-truth.

Old_Painless points out that secondary and following shots will not have to deal with the same amount of deflection.

Call 660-207-1239 and leave you questions, comments, or concerns on the voicemail or email: [email protected]

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