Reloading Podcast – Chris Hodgdon Interview

Posted July 31st, 2010 in Links, podcast, reloading by Rob

James and Dan from Ammosmith.com join Rob to talk with Chris Hodgdon and answer some listener questions:

  • Bob offers some feedback on his concoction for cleaning brass with common household items.
  • What powder measure would you recommend for throwing small pistol charges like 3 or 4 grains.  I have an RCBS Uniflow but I am just not happy when trying to throw small charges.
  • Getting ready to start reloading for .223 in an AR-15.  I have never reloaded for .223 and will probably only load for an AR.  Would you recommend small base dies or is it really going to make a difference?
  • I was always told that I don’t need to trim my 45 ACP brass.  I’ve heard you and the ammosmith guys mention trimming handgun brass a couple times (I think the reference was 40 S&W).  Should I be trimming the 45 ACP brass or should I just measure and see if it needs it?
  • Have you ever seen the data from loaddata.com It sounds like a great resource, but I’m not sure how valid the data is.  Do you know if the data is tested?  I hesitate to trust any reloading data I see on the “interweb.”  I like the idea that my load data is tested to some safety standards and published in ink.

Don’t forget to listen live each Tuesday night at 10pm Central time at personalarmament.com/live

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