Springfield XDm Slide Mounted Red-Dot Sight

In July, Rich of Canyon Creek Custom mounted a JP Rifles JPoint red-dot sight on the slide of my Springfield Armory XDm9.  He did a superb job.  The day after I got the gun back, I went out and put >1200 rounds through the gun.  I experienced no problems with the sight or it’s mounting.  The sight held it’s zero and stayed strong and bright. 

(The gun in the photo is setup for dry-fire practice with the Readyshot System)

Readyshot equipped

The biggest advantage of a red-dot sight is the ability to focus on the target and still see the super imposed red-dot.  This allows the shooter to acquire the necessary sight picture more quickly and with less eye strain than with traditional handgun sights.  To be honest, it feels like cheating!

The camera doesn’t illustrate perfectly, but in the photo below, the camera is ~18” behind the sight and the target is ~10’ beyond the sight:



The sight as viewed from the from front left and right:



With the included cover:


As viewed from above:


As viewed from behind(too low to show the dot):



6 thoughts on “Springfield XDm Slide Mounted Red-Dot Sight

  1. There are a few folks that mount Trijicon RMR sight to Glocks.

    The RMR is expensive, but very durable…

    Nice heater! CCA is "teh awesome" in ILLinois.

  2. gonna go get me one for my XD(m) for sure. going to try deer hunting with it this fall. (.40sw is legal in Oklahoma as long as you have a 4 inch barrel)

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