Reloading Podcast – John Whidden


NRA High Power Long Range shooter John Whidden comes on the show and we talk about creating accurate ammunition for his demanding sport.

We discuss:

  • Preferred Cartridges
  • Loading precision rifle cartridges on a progressive press
  • How to pronounce “meplat”
  • His most important loading practices
  • and much more…

2 thoughts on “Reloading Podcast – John Whidden

  1. Great interview. John is obviously used to being interviewed and provided a lot
    of information in response to each question. I was amazed that a progressive press
    will meet the precision requirements for Palma competition. I guess the conversations
    with other guests regarding concentricity supports his technique with the floating dies.
    Rob did a good job in rephrasing the comments so it was very clear that the float is in the
    thread engagement. Great show!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the show. It seems that he finds concentricity and neck tension to be very important parts of the loading process and has found ways to optimize these and save some time by using a progressive press. I certainly learned a lot in the interview also.

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