Zombies Deserve Some Credit

What’s so special or wonderful about zombies?  They’re disgusting fictional nothingness…

I really expected this meme to blow over by now, but it lingers with new and amazing levels of stupidity every day!

But I am broad-minded, so I sat down to think of a few positive aspects of the zombie apocalypse preparation movement:

  • People actually consider self-defense situations – Most people never put a second of thought into what they would do in a situation requiring them to fight for their life, but these decisions need to be made before an actual confrontation.  Sure they are only thinking about a fictional being, but it’s better than nothing.  I think…
  • A new and creative excuse to purchase more self-defense gear – I’ll always jump on this bandwagon!  If the wife asks why you need that new knife, another case of ammo, or a battle axe, remember, it’s for the zombies.
  • Politically Correct humanoid targets can be used at strict ranges – Because everyone knows that zombies aren’t real, many ranges that won’t allow you to shoot at a humanoid target will allow you to shoot at those imaginary zombies.  Any extra little bit of realism is a good thing.

Help me out.  I’m sure there some more.

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