ReadyShot Dry-Fire Training System Questions

After I recently posted a photo of my XDm decked out in full ReadyShot regalia, I have been asked a few questions about the system.  This post will address them publicly as well as give me an opportunity to post a few more photos of the system components.

Readyshot equipped


What comes in the ReadyShot Training System?

Their website lists:

  • Target
  • Trigger Magnet
  • Laser Insert
  • Magazine

Let’s address them in this order with photos and more information:

  • Target


The target it the heart of the system.  It has 9 sectors/sensors that detect the laser and radio frequency “shots” from the firearm.

There are 2 screens for different games:



The target comes with a lengthy(~15ft) usb cable and wall charging unit:


  • Trigger Magnet

trigger magnet

The trigger magnet triggers the laser/RF shot that the target picks up.  The kit actually includes 2 magnets(one for backup).  The magnets are quite strong and the manual warns of the dangers of swallowing them. ;)  The magnet does not move or slide at all on the back of my trigger, but there are tiny clear stickers in case you have those issues.

  • Laser Insert


This wire runs through the barrel and plugs into the magazine circuit board on one end and the laser on the other end.


The laser slides securely into the barrel.


  • Magazine

The ReadyShot magazine on the left in these two photos is nearly identical to the actual magazine on the right.



Here is a view from above with the ReadyShot magazine mounted in the magazine well.  You can see the jack that the laser connection wire plugs into:


Since the ReadyShot Magazine is a repurposed XDm mag, they included the unused spring and follower in case I could use it.

The system also included a case that fits the entire system:


They also have a nice little zippered case for the smaller parts:


What types of batteries are used?

There are 2 CR2032 batteries in the circuit board in the magazine.  I have not had to replace them in 3 months.  The system is used an average of 2 hrs/wk.


The target system is powered by USB.  You can plug the jack into the computer or the included ac charger.


How reliable is it?


In more than 25 hours of use, I have had a few issues with accidental discharges, but Brent(the ReadyShot owner) was very helpful a tip that eliminated these:

To eliminate the accidental discharges, I’ve had good experiences by squeezing the trigger 1/3 of the way, holding it there, and then pushing the button on the bottom of the magazine.  That sets the “zero” of the sensor so that the laser won’t fire until further back in the trigger pull.

What information does the computer program provide?

It can act as a shot timer, show shot placement in the 9 sectors, and show total shots and missed shots:

ScreenHunter_01 Oct. 18 20.35

It can save data from shooting sessions for different users:

ScreenHunter_02 Oct. 18 20.42

It can graph improvement statistics for different users:


What guns can I use the system with?

Don’t judge the dangling preposition, I just answer the questions as they come.

Right now, ReadyShot sells systems for:

Glock (17,19,20,21,22,23,25,26,27,28,29,30,34,35,37,38,39)

XD/XDm (Pretty much any model) See link below

M&Ps (Pretty much any model) See link below

Can I View User Manuals?

Yes: (Warning! These links are PDF)

For the target

Target quick start guide

For the Glock gun kits

For the XD gun kits

For the M&P gun kits

How much does it cost?

List price is $559 for the entire system for one gun.  At that price, I understand it isn’t for everyone, but you can use the code: COMBATIVES for a 30% discount.  That makes the system a much more affordable $392.  That’s a thousand rounds of .45 ACP.

Check it out (and buy it) today:

ReadyShot Training Systems

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