Reloading Podcast – Powder Grains


James White of Ammosmith joins Rob to talk about defensive knives, gun gear, and eventually, the different types of powder grains.

One thought on “Reloading Podcast – Powder Grains

  1. Rob,

    I’m a new listener to your reloading podcast and find your show both entertaining and informational. I’ve got a question/topic for you and the boys over on ammosmith; Is it possible to stain/dye brass shell casings in different colors without weakening the casing? It was something that I started to look at a few years back but never determined if it would effect case strength. I found formulas for changing brass red, brown, green, blue and black.

    You ask why would anyone want colored brass? Other than just for fun it would make case identification easier. It would allow you to identify your brass from the pile of range brass


    My 357 green brass would be my low power cowboy action loads and the red brass would be hot loads.

    Identify when a case gets to a number of reloads, like blue for reloaded 5 times and black after 10 times.

    When your reloads are at/near end of life (start failing) dye cases brown or black to identify that they should be disposed of (recycled).

    Just an idea, would be interested in hearing your thoughts.


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