Tactical Tomahawks: SOG Fusion Tactical Tomahawk

There are times when a knife or a camp axe is just inadequate for field use or defense.  I have been searching for a tool that could be used as a camp axe and as a defensive weapon for quite sometime and I decided to go with the SOG Fusion Tactical Tomahawk.

  • Blade Length – 2.75″ x .26″
  • Overall Length – 15.75″
  • Weight – 24 oz.
  • Edge – Straight
  • Steel – 420
  • HRC – 51-53
  • Handle – Fiberglass/Nylon
  • Finish – Hardcased Black
  • Sheath – Nylon
  • Country of Origin – China

The SOG Tomahawk incorporates the best of both worlds from a multi purpose tool in the field to an effective weapon for self defense.  When I ordered it I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I had no idea that it would be perfect for nearly any task I could call upon it to do.

Once the box arrived and I unboxed it I was impresed at it’s size and weight for something relatively inexpensive…and when I say this I do not mean cheap. It’s made for hard use from top to bottom.  The blade of the cutting side is very sharp out of the box but not sharp enough for my taste.  I used my Spyderco Sharpmaker to put a wicked razors edge on it. This thing will shave with ease.

The opposite side of the blade is a spike. This is great for breaking glass or to breach doors or as a weapon. The whole thing is very well designed from the composite handle to the reinforcing near the head to prevent breakage under extreme use. I plan to use it mainly as a multi use tool in the field but also as a weapon. It’s perfect for throwing and is light enough to move lightning fast and yet have enough mass to get a good bite on anything it may encounter. I am still evaluating the SOG Fusion Tactical Tomahawk. and plan to torture test it to it’s limit. For under $50 delivered it’s a deal that can’t be beat.

Thanks to James White of Ammosmith.com for this guest post.

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