Creative Flashlight Charging Stand

Jason of Dark Sucks/ Promethius Lights posted photos back in October of the second light that he made.  The light is interesting enough on it’s own, but what caught my eye was the custom charging station he built to go along with it.  Although I assume it is still possible, he didn’t feel like removing the batteries for charging.  He came up with this contraption to do the trick:

The black sleeve is Delrin and the base is 304 Stainless.  Inside the base, there are 2 neodymium magnets that float up to make contact for charging or drop down flush in the base otherwise.  There are 2 fixed matching magnets in the light itself that mate with the 2 floating magnets during charging.  The center post is negative and the outside post is positive. This is to make sure that you cannot accidentally reverse the polarity.  You can just stick it in the stand and rotate till the outside magnet rises and clicks into place.  According to Jason, “It’s audible and tactile.”  In my opinion, it’s ingenious.

Check out more of his work at: or

Here is the original CPF Thread

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