Speed Up Your Podcasts and Take in More Information

Posted July 24th, 2012 in Links by Rob

I haven’t listened to a podcast at regular speed in more than a month now. My iPod Nano has the ability to play podcasts at 2x speed and I have been taking advantage of that fantastic feature. It also automatically adjusts the pitch so that it doesn’t sound like the host has turned into a chipmunk. Because it still has a natural tone, my mind speeds up to go along with the spoken words. Only rarely do I even think about the fact that I am listening to a podcast at double speed. When you get used to it, it sounds very natural.

Why? Why do people want to speed read? So that they can consume more information. Some people listen to podcasts just to fill their time. If you are one of those people feel free to ignore this feature. Go ahead and enjoy your podcasts at the original speed. In fact, you can even slow them down to half speed if you have a lot of time to fill. ;)

Personally, I can only listen to podcasts at certain times and I want to get as much information as possible. Double speed let’s me listen to podcasts that I would otherwise have to skip.

What! You only listen to one or two podcasts? Go find some more. There are lots of great informative shows out there if you have time to listen. Go browse iTunes and you will be amazed at what you can find.

I’ll try to put together a list of some of my current favorite podcasts, but in the meantime, speed your current podcasts up and make room for some more!

What podcasts are you listening to? Does anyone else listen at double speed?

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