Why Do People Care So Much About EDC Gear?

Posted December 27th, 2011 in Links and tagged by Rob

Because people realize what a difference it can make -

When people realize how helpful EDC really can be and how much easier it can make your life it’s hard to keep quiet about it.  They want to share with others so they can experience the same benefits that they have experienced.  It’s like talking about any other positive experience.(losing weight, quitting smoking, etc)

Because people express themselves through their EDC gear -

For many people their EDC gear is a way to express themselves.  It tells people what their priorities are.  It tells people what they care about.  It tells people what styles they enjoy.  They are passionate about their gear, because it’s almost like talking about themselves. ;)  Telling someone about the flashlight they selected and why they selected is sharing a little bit themselves.

Because people invest so much in their EDC gear -

When people invest the time and effort in proper research and a decent amount of money into their EDC gear, it’s only natural that they want to tell others about it.  Many people have spent more time researching their EDC gear than they spent researching their last vehicle purchase.  Like a new vehicle, people want to discuss the reasoning behind their purchasing decision.  In many cases they want to see validation.

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